How do you pronounce Thalia?

I would say [name]THAY[/name]-lee-uh.

With a hard T. Like [name]Tal[/name]-ee-ya.

Sometimes I read Thahl-ya. Other times, I read [name]Tahl[/name]-ya.

Well, I get shot down every time I answer this question, but I’ll give my opinion again. According to me Greek teacher, who is the one who taught me what I know about Greek, she says it’s pronounced [name]THAY[/name]-lee-uh.
Most people I meet say here in [name]America[/name] say thuh-lee-uh though. I’ve honestly never heard the [name]TAL[/name]-ee-uh pronunciation anywhere but on this website.

Tall-yuh or Ta-lia

I would say Tall-yuh. I know a girl named [name]Natalia[/name] or [name]Nathalia[/name] (not sure of the spelling) with this name.

I’ve always said either [name]TAL[/name]-ee-ah or THAL-ee-ah.

I always try to say [name]Tal[/name]-ee-uh, but I end up saying [name]Tal[/name]-ya.