[ how i'm optimizing my name list w/ notion ]

hello hello!

this is an epic, but i’ve put a lot of work into it so i hope it’s helpful!

so for the longest time i’ve struggled with how to store my names in a way that is functional for me. i have adhd (if you couldn’t tell by my sporadic involvement in nb), so i tend to need a system that is pretty flexible for when i suddenly have a radical change of heart and need to start fresh (which, again, happens…. all the time).

what i’ve realized while beginning to use the app/website notion for organizing my life in general and preparing for college, is that the platform is so customizable, to the point that it can be optimized for essentially any purpose, name organization included.

so… in this topic i’ll show you how i’ve done that, in case perhaps you’d be interested in using a system like this for name collection as well! it’s super super easy once you’ve toyed with the app/website a little and found where all the controls are lol, so i feel like this might be a great option for some of my fellow name aficionados!

LINK TO MY NOTION NAME CATALOG IS IN MY UC if you want to poke around, mess with the filtering, or see what i mean by any features i mention in the below sections, etc.

my notion name catalog (+ why it rocks)

so this is what my name catalog actually looks like. it’s a “database” in notion, with columns set up according to what i want to tag, what i want to fill in with text, or check off. what makes this set up work is that, because it uses tags, i can sort and filter to my heart’s content! the filters are set up at the top (beside the highlighted blue “name” button), which i can use to cut down my main list to only fem greek names, or only masc academia names, and more, with pretty much infinite variation depending on how many tags you want to add, columns, etc.

it really helps me to define my lists, because when i add a new entry to the database i might tag it “academia” and “royal”, and if i then filter the whole database for “royal” names, i can check to see if it fits with the rest.

also, fun fact, when you add a new entry to the database and you have a-z sorting on, it will automatically sort the entry to it’s correct position!

my columns + how i sort

i’ve organized my name catalog into the following columns: name, gender (how i would use it), origin, meaning, vibe (basically just how i feel the name is aesthetically), use type, a checkbox for if the name is an honor or not, and my most recently added column which is to tag for any additional lists i’m creating, namely crushes/favorites.

here, you can see what it looks like when you go to add a tag to an entry in a certain column. for this example i chose the origin column, because it shows that you can really add as many tags as you want to the database, and you’re also able to tag any individual name with as many tags as you want as well! you’re also freely able to color code these tags to your heart’s content, but i basically just have mine as what was randomly assigned to them.

here’s an example of how i might use filtering! i’ve filtered for “fem”, “cottagecore”, “hebrew” names!!! so cool, right?? i basically gushed over this for days after i first figured it out, just filtering for the most random stuff lol. it’s a super efficient tool, because i don’t know about you guys, but spreadsheets are overwhelming and complicated if you want to get the most out of them, and this performs a lot of the same functions with much simpler UI!

name entries

this is what any given entry to the name database looks like when i click “open” on it. it’s essentially it’s own notion page, which allows you to basically make nesting dolls of pages within pages, if you want!

the way i use it though is to take note of any combos that come to mind for the name as well as any additional notes on associations, thoughts, pros/cons, etc.

as you can see, there’s an option that says “name info template”. notion allows you to create templates of certain page setups so that they’re easily repeatable and accessible. in this instance, i made a template that essentially just has a few simple areas for note-taking on the names, so i would apply it here!

here’s what it looks like filled out as an example! another great thing about notion is that you can search through your entire notion to find things via text, so if i searched “princess” in the search box, this entry would come up!

block view + how i use it

this view is a little bit harder to explain without a video, but essentially it’s connected to my database and allows me to slide “blocks” representing each name entry around and across tags. i use this to play around with combos, because being able to move the names around on screen helps me to visually work with them. all the same filters that i can use in the database apply here as well, so it really is great for working in specifics!


how you can make your own !!!

basically, it’s easy as pie because i made you a template that you can duplicate! after you make your notion account, come back here and click this link. once you’ve clicked it, there will be a “duplicate” button in the top right corner, which you can click to duplicate the template and edit it to your heart’s content!

what’s included in the template: most of the columns, the “basic” ones i use. plus, the tags that i have put in each of those columns. you can remove, add, change the color of, whatever you want from these tags.

from there, you can work out how you want to set up your filters or if you want to add a block view like i did! if you want a template for that though, let me know and i’ll share one ofc.

template: template link

anyway, i’ve loved using notion for my names because i’m a nerd who hyperfixates really heavily on this sort of thing lol. it’s probably overkill and unnecessary for most people, but if this sounds up your alley i hope it works for you and you enjoy it!

it’s endlessly expandable, as you add each entry just as you would fill in a spreadsheet, by the way!

please dm me if you have any questions and i’m happy to help, notion also has very helpful faqs and many people have made youtube videos. honestly though, poking through my catalog (linked in uc) will probably help you more than anything else!

happy name collecting!


okay this is so cool!!! :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i love how organized it is and how you can search for specific vibes!! when i have time i am totally going to look around notion!


glad you like it so far !!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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okay, why did i never know of this? will 100% check this out when my phone isn’t at 3%, it looks so cool!

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This looks so cool, I’m a stickler for this kind of stuff so this would be super nice

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[name_f]Eliza[/name_f] this is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing <3

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this is really cool! thanks for sharing!

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Ooh this is very cool!! Thank you for sharing (and the template!!)

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[name_u]Love[/name_u] this!! :heart:

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thank you :heartpulse:
this is so cool !! will definitely use

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I love this - thank you for sharing!

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i 100% had you in mind while making this post! super super useful for people with mega long lists. hope you like it!

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I’m totally trying this! Thank you!

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oh my god this is endlessly helpful eliza! thank you so much for making this!

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oh thank you darling !!

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Oh my gosh! I’ve been trying to make a list, but I just can’t (I have ADHD, too). Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely have to try it. :sweat_smile:

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What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

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omg this is amazing! I am also a fellow adhd berry so I’m with you on needing a flexible system to organise my favs! [name_f]My[/name_f] notes app is bursting at the seams and I can never seem to remember where I’ve put what. I will definitely be setting this up after work today. You are a legend for this! :two_hearts:

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ah yay!!! i’m so glad! i totally feel you, it can be so overwhelming to have a million notes or docs or anything like that. glad i could help!

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This is so cool! Thanks so much for putting this together, my library/cataloguing brain loves this!

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