How many kids do you want?

First of all, my heart and prayers goes out to the people on this thread (and anyone else) who are still TTC <3

Well, I don’t have any children yet, but I always imagined having a big-ish family. I’m an only child myself, and I think there’s a lot of advantages to it, but certainly also some pretty big disadvantages.
Ideally, I’d love to have 3-4 children. For some reason, my friends all believe I’ll have 5 children, and my mom is convinced I’ll have 2 sets of twins lol.

I guess time will tell. Maybe I’ll change my mind and have an only child? I’ll get back to you in like 10 years, when I’ve hopefully had at least one baby :wink:

That is so awkward that she would ask you that and assume just because you have a girl and a boy that you wouldn’t want anymore!

I think it always just depends on the person. Some people want both sex, but many people don’t pay attention to the sex, they just want big families or their daughter to have a sister and/or their son to have a brother. It takes all kinds :slight_smile:

I’ve struggled with figuring out how many I want. Of course, for my own selfish reasons I would really love a boy and a girl. If I had both a girl and a boy, I may be done there… but I also would love for my daughter to have a sister. I grew up with a sister and we are so close. The bond just doesn’t compare to anything else and I would love to have a daughter experience that.

I think it also depends on where the husband and I are at financially.

At this point, I’d probably say 2 children, but not opposed to 3! :slight_smile:

Well, when I was pregnant I was just 18 so I dreamt of a big family, maybe 4 to 5 children. My sister has eight children, three boys and five girls. Her firstborn is the same age as my daughter (17) and the youngest is just two. Her family is so adorable. I have only one daughter, my boyfriend died unexpectedly when I was pregnant and I’ve not overcome it even 17 years later. I have never gotten married and his death made me focus on our daughter and my studies and later work so now I don’t want any more children.

1-2. No preferences when it comes to the sex. One of my main concerns is the environment and overpopulation. If I felt the need to have more then two kids in the future, I would definitely consider adoption.

Overpopulation isn’t a concern in developed countries, it’s actually quite the opposite?

I would personally love to have a big family, 6 has always been my go to number, but it all depends on where I stand financially, and where my future partner stands as well. If we were to have more than 6, then I would likely adopt, but I also know that adoption is incredibly difficult in some cases in [name_f]Canada[/name_f], and I would prefer to adopt domestically if I could. I would say 6 for sure, but anywhere from 4-8 is good for me really. I suppose I’ll wait and see what happens when I have a partner to discuss this with!

Hubby and I got married young. I always saw us having 5 or 6 kids like 2 or so years apart but life had other plans for us.

We currently have two with a 10 year gap and would welcome another if that came to be.

Honestly at the moment its all up in the air. Ideally I’d love 6 kids with at least 2 of each so that each child had both a sister and a brother to turn to. That and plenty of options for playmates! My OH was of the opinion that he only wanted one of each and that was it, which probably reflects that he was one of two and younger than his sister by about 6 years. I on the other hand am one of a few and with my parents being one of 8 and one of 5 respectively I guess I was always going to want to have a bigger family. Realistically we can probably afford 4, with OH being talked into 3 so far we shall see. Although as we are anxiously waiting to fall with #1 it is just dreaming at this point!

For me it’s a one and then we’ll see how that goes sort of thing. When I was younger I thought two was ideal, but now that my niece is a threenager I’ve considered none. :smiley:

I’ve always thought three but I could imagine myself stretching to five! I prefer odd numbers, so three or five would be my game!

My wife and I talked and we think we want 3 kids.

Before I got pregnant: 4

While I was pregnant: 1 (lol - it was a stressful pregnancy!)

Now that baby boy is here: as many as we can afford - so far we agree on 3 but I’d push hard for a 4th

I’d like 6 or 7. I have three siblings and love having a big family, especially when there area few age gaps between them, being a big sister and having a little sister, having brothers close to my own age was great. I’d like my children to have the same variety and many playmates. The only presuable honderances that can be problemagic are attention, time and money. I have been part of and witnessed plenty of families that big that have evenly spread love and attention amongst their children. Time isn’t a worry for my current situation in life nor should it be in the upcoming years. And my financial position is very good so my ducks are in a row for my dream future family.

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I love the idea of having 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. It just seems perfect for me, because when i was 12 or 13 me and my younger brother really didn’t get along with each other and didn’t even talk and like he always said he hated me (yea not so nice) and I found this so sad because he was my only sibling and I don’t want my kids to feel the same, like when they don’t get along with each other they always have another sibling and aren’t ‘alone’. Also I had loved the idea of having 2 or 3 siblings as a kid because I hated being alone and so the house would be always full. But 3 kids are also a huge responsibility and having 3 kids would also increase the risk that one feels neglected and doesn’t get enough attention.

I’ve always wanted a big family and six seemed ideal to me. I like that it seems big, but not outrageous (there are families in my area that have 9+ children, which would be too much for me) and I also like that it’s an even number. However, my husband thinks three is the perfect number, and I know he’d never go for six right off the bat. I’ve shifted my thinking that five would be okay even though it’s an odd number, five kids would still be the big family I’m hoping for. My husband is willing to compromise on four, even though as I said, he thinks three would be perfect. We currently have one child and are planning to try for a second fairly soon. It seems that four is a good compromise for us…a slightly larger than average family, but ideally I’d love to have more…maybe my mind will change once we have more kids and we’ll end up with fewer than I always planned, but my husband’s mind could change as well and maybe we’ll have more.

I’m a youngster still and probably won’t be having children for another fifteen years or so, but I do dream of having a big family. When I was little the golden number I planned to have (it’s actually a purple number to me, but speaking figuratively) was seven, and when I was in my early adolescence I started planning to have as big a family as ten or eleven, as my great-grandmother did. Now with such issues as overpopulation and taking into account that whoever I marry in the future might not want to have a huuuge number of children, I think I would be happy to have four or five, or to adopt some.
I’ll have to see how it works out in the future. Of course I could change my mind, or serendipity might grant me a surprise!

Barring a surprise, we’ll have two. One of each would be nice, but a pair of sisters or brothers would be fun, too!

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I want no more then three, but definitely more then one. I’ve grown up in a family of five kids (though my parents only intended to have four - then for number four they found out my mum was having twins) and I love having siblings. I couldn’t imagine being an only child. However, I also love city life and I don’t intend on moving to the country or even to any outer suburbs more half an hour away from a CBD so a smaller family would be ideal, because of money (unless I become very, very rich). I’d rather have less children and provide for us all comfortably then have many kids and be struggling to keep up. Frankly, I also enjoy having a life, which I don’t think is selfish.

I have one full brother and two half sisters. While I love them all I can’t stand having that many siblings. For me two is ideal with a possible third.
Hubs comes from a large family and only wants one. Or two very close in age.

I think having two little boys could be fun but he wants one of each. If we had two little girls I would loose my mind. I’m not very girly and have no idea what to do with a daughter.

I always tell people 4, but secretly I’d like 6 or even more. In reality, I doubt I’d go beyond 6 though.