How many would you have??

I was just talking to my bf about how many kids he would like to have. He said 2. I, however, would like 6 or more. I thought it would be fun to ask: If it was COMPLETELY up to you: how many kids would you have? :slight_smile:

~ [name]Amanda[/name]

I really want three, and my SO agrees, but I wouldn’t say no to four! :wink:

I always wanted somewhere between 4-7 but the most my husband will agree to is 2.

At this point, starting at my age, I’d say 4, if it were all up to me.

If I wasn’t 41 I’d go for 6, but now I’d be happy with 1 more.

I think I would have 2-3. I think 3 would be the most, but you never know until you’re there I guess :slight_smile:

Two is perfect for me!

At the least 3 or 4 and at the most 8 (only because I’ve got 8 names on my list though ^_^) and I’d like some of that number to be from adoption so more like 5 or 6 with an adoption for the max.

I’ve always thought 5 was the perfect number, since my husband and I are both one of 5. I’m not sure if I will be able to handle that, but only time will tell. :slight_smile: minimum 3 though. :slight_smile:

Before we started having kids, I had dreams about 3 kids: a girl, a boy, and then another girl. Funny enough, so far, I’m on track. I’m still plenty young, so even though we won’t have another anytime soon, I think we’ll probably end up with 3 children. Give me another 5 years or so :slight_smile:

I can’t see myself with more than two, my boyfriend wants three, but definitely not more than that.

I grew up with a huge family (I’m one of six children) and our house was constant chaos. I was never lonely but our house was crazy and because of that I wouldn’t like more than two.

We haven’t started yet but we both agree we want as many as we can afford! Likely 4 kids, 3 biologically ours and one adopted! Though I wouldn’t say no to 6 kids if we had the time, money and space! My only rule is no odd numbers so no middle child!!!

If it was completely up to me, and I didn’t have to worry about money, space, my sanity, or reality in general, I’d have seven.

As it is, I think I’m “done at one.” :slight_smile:

Two is pleanty for me. It is all we wanted and we have two now. I sometimes long for another baby but I think it is about being a mommy to a small baby for me and not about wanting three kids.[name]Young[/name] children are really hard work and my husband has made it prety clear that I would have to drag him into it a third time. There is something about being outnumbered by children that is not appealing to me either.

I have one child now, maybe 3-4 kids? :slight_smile:

Anywhere from 3 to 5 if it were totally up to me. I’ve always said I wanted four but it would depend on whether my future DH and I could handle it financially and mentally. I’d rather do an even number so no middle child but I guess we’ll see what happens when I get to that point. :slight_smile: No less than three, though.

I would like to have like 5-9 children :slight_smile:

2, 3, or 4! Realistically, 2 is probably all I’ll have / be able to handle. And I’d like an even number of kids, so I’d say either 2 or 4, actually.

I’d love to have between 4 and 10, but I’ve always been stuck on having an even number for some reason. I’ll hopefully have a mix of biological and adopted kiddos.

Since my hubby and I live in the city. It will be hard to get a 3 bedroom apartment in our budget. We talked about just having one, but we will see where it goes from there. No more than two!!!

I think two is my maximum, at least as far as delivering myself. I’m open to adopting an older child someday if we have the means to do it.