How much money would it take for you to ...?

then suggest the next thing

i will start

take a cold shower every day for the rest of your life

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Nothing. Lol, impossible to not have boiling hot showers!

Never eat anything sweet for the rest of your life.

I’m never doing that, I don’t care how much money I’d get.

[name_m]Leave[/name_m] Nameberry

That’s a good one! Not much if i’m being honest. There are lots of other baby name websites out there.

Name your child a name you hate.

1 million dollars.

Get a full back tattoo?

…the amount of money that the tattoo cost :sweat_smile: a free tattoo?? sign me up!

spend a week in a haunted house (as in, actually haunted, not one with actors)?

500,000 ig? Could go higher.

[name_m]Set[/name_m] back all clocks in your house at different timings?

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Maybe $200? I really like knowing what time it is, but if my computer is the correct time I could deal

Eat poop?

I wouldn’t do it no matter how much money I’m offered.

[name_u]Read[/name_u] [name_f]My[/name_f] Immortal?

:joy: been there, done that. would probably cost a lot to read it again. I’ll go with a few hundred, would at least get some laughs out of it.
(also, totally just transported me back to like 2008 :sweat_smile:)

hopefully we’re talking about the same thing, if not, just ignore this lol

Stop wearing shoes for a year?

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It wouldn’t bother me much lol, I walk around barefoot wherever I can. Shoes annoy me, but I obviously wear them in public. But where I live now, (Cause I just moved), it’s beachy and tropical, and a lot of people don’t even wear shoes in public! So I should fit in lol. So, 200,000?

Let the whole world have access to your secret diaries?

Let’s assume we’re allowed to bend what you meant. I don’t need any money if the world has access to my diary after I die! :joy:

give away half of your clothes?

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I mean I do have way too many clothes, but… I love all of them! That’s why I have them, you know? [name_m]Five[/name_m] hundred dollars? Maybe more? At least enough for me to buy new ones xD

@FictionWriterKate next question?

Oh sorry

Rid your home of all sweets for two weeks?

Not much tbh. I’m trying to cut back anyway.

Use washable nappies on your kids for two months?

A lot. Not sure how much but a gracious plenty xD

Become totally gluten free for the rest of your life? If you’re already gluten free, then dairy free?

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Probably up around 3 million (bc gf stuff is insanely expensive), but my closest friend is gf so I’m familiar with the experience.

Kidnap someone?

Not much tbh, I was fully ready to hide my friend in the Game Closet (with their consent) because they didn’t want to go somewhere, also the group of people who I lived with last year at school really wanted to go to the town where I and someone else live and kidnap our siblings

Sleep on the carpet instead of a bed for a month?

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Not much. Last year we moved house, and I slept on the carpet for 8 months till we could get my bed shipped across the state!!! (because borders closed due to COVID.)

[name_m]Rob[/name_m] your best friend’s house?

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