How on earth is this pronounced?!

My workplace is hosting a birthday party for a little girl who is turning 9 this weekend and I’m scheduled to work during that time, which means I’ll be greeting family members and guests and telling them where to go… the problem is I have no bloody idea how to pronounce her name.

It’s Curillynne. Curr-ee-lin? Cure-a-lin? Cure-a-leen? Please, god, don’t let this be a yooneek spelling of [name]Caroline[/name]. Help me. I just want to beat my head against a wall whenever I see it.

Wow. I’m guessing something like CURR-ih-lyn, but definitely with a [name]Lynne[/name] ending. Maybe like curlin’ (curling) with an extra syllable. Good luck!

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s awful. Perfect demonstration of why yooneek spellings suck. I would pronounce it Curr-ih-[name]Lynn[/name]. And I think it IS supposed to be a variation on [name]Caroline[/name]… [name]How[/name] sad. If anyone comes in here and says it’s a legitimate foreign variation, I’ll scream.

Well, I would just keep your ears open that day. Someone is sure to say her name before you have to greet them. Or you could ask around the day of in case someone else has a clue.

I don’t think this is related to [name]Caroline[/name]. I also think it’s possible that the C could sound like an S.