How popular is Max *really*?

I’ve always really liked [name]Max[/name]. I think [name]Maxwell[/name] is just so, so handsome. My question is, is it too popular? [name]How[/name] many little Maxes do you know? I only know one and he’s five.

I know a couple and they are cute kids. I like [name]Max[/name] as a full name.

I actually know none! It’s a super cute, super adorable name. I love it. I like it short for [name]Maddox[/name] myself, but [name]Maxwell[/name] is incredibly handsome!

I actually don’t know any … (I’m from [name]Britain[/name], in case that makes a difference :D)

Recently I’ve grown surprisingly fond of [name]Maxine[/name] nn [name]Max[/name] for a girl …

Off the top of my head…
J.Lo & [name]Marc[/name] [name]Anthony[/name] have a son, [name]Maximillian[/name] [name]David[/name] ( a twin)
[name]Trista[/name] from the Bachelorette has a son named [name]Max[/name].
[name]Christina[/name] Aguilera and her husband have a son named [name]Max[/name]
[name]Charlie[/name] Sheens son is [name]Max[/name] (also a twin)
And those are all babies born within the kast year or two… so its definately a name on the rise!

[name]Bebe[/name], good point about all the celebribabies. That does seem to indicate that it will be on the rise for the general population, but it seems to me that some names that are super popular among celebs never really get popular with the masses. I can’t think of any examples off the top of my head though.

I’m glad to hear that [name]Max[/name] isn’t heard all that often. I think he’s going on my list.

I love the name [name]Max[/name]. My daughter was going to be [name]Max[/name] if she had been a he. Popularity depends on context and community. We’re rather secular Jews and [name]Max[/name] is pretty popular among the current pre-school crowd - there were 2 in the 3s grade.

But I would still use it without hesitation - I don’t think it’s that common.

I know of 3, one in high school and 2 under 2 years old. They’re cute kids though! One of the little ones is [name]Maximo[/name], after his Filipino grandfather. The others I believe are just [name]Max[/name]. They also live in 3 separate states. I don’t know any in my own state.

I know 2. (in the Midwest, btw :slight_smile: ) One is in his mid-20’s, and the other is around 10. BUT, my parent’s dog is named [name]Max[/name]. I feel like I hear it more on dogs than on little boys…I dunno if that bothers you, though.

I don’t think [name]Max[/name] is all that popular at all! I am from [name]Louisiana[/name] and don’t know of any.

I really love [name]Max[/name]/[name]Maxwell[/name], too. I know of (hang on…I’m thinking…) 5 people named [name]Max[/name], four of whom are children.

I hope [name]Dash[/name] is doing well! :slight_smile:

I know of at least three under age 3 plus some older children all in [name]CA[/name]. [name]Max[/name] is quite a popular name here. Because it is used as a nn so much I think the popularity of individual names is spread out a bit perhaps making it appear less popular than it really is. In the US last year, [name]Max[/name] was #126, [name]Maxwell[/name] was #134, [name]Maximus[/name] was #258, [name]Maxim[/name] was #701 and [name]Maximo[/name] was #770 – added all together that means 8296 boys were given a “[name]Max[/name]” name putting it just out of the top 50 between [name]Brayden[/name] and [name]Thomas[/name]. To me that means it’s a VERY popular name, and yet, I still like it.