How strong is the association here

[name_m]Long[/name_m] story short, husband is set on the name [name_f]Nova[/name_f]. I like it, it’s not my favorite, I have a few issues.But I more or less agreed to it already because he loves it so much and we couldn’t come close to agreeing on ANYTHING, (I really really mean ANYTHING) else.

Apparently there’s some show called Teen Mom (you’ve probably heard of it) and there’ve been two babies named some variation of [name_f]Nova[/name_f]. I’ve never watched the show so it was news to me. I know people who watch the show, but basically how popular is the show really? Is the world going to associate my daughter with teenage pregnancy? Not something that’s sitting well with me this morning, at 30 weeks pregnant. [name_f]Do[/name_f] you think of the show when you hear the name?

I don’t watch the show but know that [name_f]Nova[/name_f] had a significant bounce on the SSA list after the babies were named in the show. It’s a pretty popular show, so yes, I do think some people will make that association. However, it is your choice whether or not you let that bother you. For you, it will be tied to your child, how much do other people’s associations matter to you? That is the true question.

P.S. I thought it was a cool name before the show. I also like [name_f]Mira[/name_f] and [name_u]Vesper[/name_u].

I’ve never watched Teen Mom and wasn’t aware of its association with [name_f]Nova[/name_f].

I guess my issue is the subject matter of the show. I’m just trying to get a better read of how often people will make the connection. I didn’t until I did a google search of the name so I’m hoping that’s the case for most people lol

I relate [name_f]Nova[/name_f] to the meaning new or think of [name_f]Nova[/name_f] [name_f]Scotia[/name_f]. I’ve heard of and watched the show but didn’t make this connection.

I’ve actually only heard [name_f]Nova[/name_f] from one set of parents on Teen Mom and I think it’s a very cute name.

I wouldn’t worry about the association, I feel like hardly anyone watches it. At least out of the people I know. It’s not really a bad association, either. It’s just a baby on the show =]

Buuut…I would highly recommend not choosing a name that you aren’t 100% set on, unless maybe you let your husband name this baby, and he lets you get the next one.

I’ve seen only a handful of episodes of Teen Mom and was unaware of the association between the show and [name_f]Nova[/name_f]. I wouldn’t really worry about it. The only people that watch that show are probably other teenagers anyways, right?

I’ve heard of the show but I’ve never seen it. I don’t have that association. If it’s something that bothers you and you don’t [name_u]LOVE[/name_u] the name it might be a good idea for you two to continue exploring your options before just settling.

I don’t watch the show but I was aware of the association. For me personally, it does give the name a rather down-market vibe. I tend to associate it with overly trendy and made up names.

I’ve never watched the show and was unaware of the association. [name_f]Nova[/name_f] is a lovely name! I mostly relate it to space (like [name_f]Luna[/name_f]) and (as a writer) I’m drawn to it because of the similar sounds to novella. [name_f]Nova[/name_f] is a great name!

I’ve watched the show before and I don’t even remember there being babies named [name_f]Nova[/name_f]. I think you’re good.

I love [name_f]Nova[/name_f]! So pretty! I doubt people would make the association with that show, I don’t know anyone who watches it or is invested enough in it to remember the babies names. I think most people who watch it only watch to make fun of the mom or the mom’s parents or so or whatever. I’d think of the stars before anything else.

[name_m]Ah[/name_m] thank you! My husband loves anything space related, while I myself am a bookworm so these are some of the reasons we agreed on it in the first place. It’s definitely assuring to know there are other people who might get those associations.

I’m not a teenager, I have watched the show and I did make the connection. I have the same feelings about the name itself as @lonestar does, unfortunately.
If you want to get really technical, [name_f]Nova[/name_f] is the most recent baby of two people who previously had a child as teenagers that they placed into adoption. They’re now married and no longer teenagers and have had their daughter [name_f]Nova[/name_f] since originally starring on the show with their first pregnancy. That’s probably more than you care to know, but it’s important because I don’t associate the name [name_f]Nova[/name_f] with teenage pregnancy per se, but I do associate it with the show because that’s the only baby [name_f]Nova[/name_f] I’ve ever heard of. There are so many other great space names, I’d look into some of those to avoid your concerns entirely. Good luck!

As long as you don’t name her [name_f]Nova[/name_f] [name_f]Star[/name_f] like they did on the show you should be fine. [name_f]Nova[/name_f] sounds beautiful!

[name_f]Nova[/name_f] [name_f]Star[/name_f] was the baby of a Teen Mom 3 girl. Novalee [name_u]Reign[/name_u] is the name of a Teen Mom OG couple and will most likely be the association people make with the show. I do as I’ve watched the show since this couple was on 16&Pregnant.

I’ve never seen the show (and don’t know anyone who really watches it regularly) and I think [name_f]Nova[/name_f]'s a beautiful name :slight_smile: I wouldn’t make the connection! Xx

No. Teen Mom will fade into nothingness and [name_f]Nova[/name_f] is a cool name. [name_m]Don[/name_m]'t worry about it.

Make sure you get the middle name you want since your husband is getting the first (and I’m assuming the last) name!

Girl you are carrying the child make sure you’re happy!

LOL! no worries, i’ve got the middle name AND the next one (if there’s a next one)

And I hope there’s no misunderstanding, I do like the name even if it’s not my favorite. It has meaning for us both. :smiley: Thanks for the opinions guys, it’s very helpful. Sounds like there’s no immediate connection to the show for most people.

Seems like you’ve got it sorted, but I don’t associate [name_f]Nova[/name_f] with the show, although I don’t watch it. It just reminds me of space, stars, astronomy, and [name_f]Nova[/name_f] [name_f]Scotia[/name_f] (the place and a song by my fave artist), which are cool associations.