How to fit Quinn in with Riley, Finn, Finley

I love [name]Quinn[/name], [name]Finn[/name] and [name]Riley[/name] BUT

I cant have a [name]Riley[/name] and a [name]Finley[/name]
I cant have a [name]Finn[/name] and a [name]Quinn[/name]!

I can really use some advice on how to make them work! Its been in my head the whole time since i read that post in my other topic on sibsets. I loved the 3 names for longer but now [name]Quinn[/name] is crawling up to me like [name]Riley[/name] and [name]Finley[/name]/[name]Finn[/name] did in the past.

I took pleasure in taking [name]Riley[/name] and [name]Finn[/name] for a set but now i cant seem to fit [name]Quinn[/name] in!

[name]Riley[/name] and [name]Quinn[/name] 'd be for girls and [name]Finn[/name]/[name]Finley[/name] 'd be for a boy.

Other names is the list right now are [name]Piper[/name], [name]Aylin[/name], [name]Morgan[/name] for girls and for boys [name]Wyatt[/name], [name]Emmett[/name] and [name]Cole[/name]

If Id find a way for [name]Quinn[/name] possibly [name]Morgan[/name] or [name]Aylin[/name] will have to. [name]Both[/name] of which after the first OMG i love! are dropping in the list.

[name]Riley[/name], [name]Finley[/name], and [name]Quinn[/name]. Not perfect, but doable.

I think [name]Riley[/name], [name]Finley[/name], and [name]Quinn[/name] are cute, but if the -ey ending bothers you, how about Rilo, [name]Finley[/name], and [name]Quinn[/name]?

Are you a Gleek?

Ha! Didn’t see that before!

Gleek? Why? Whats a gleek?

Haha, being a Gleek means you’re a fan of the new, extremely popular show Glee. There’s a teen couple named [name]Finn[/name] and [name]Quinn[/name]. I love Glee, and love both names, but I would never use them together.

No i dont know the Glee show. Dont know what it is or what it is about actually :stuck_out_tongue:

[name]Riley[/name] i loved for a long time, because of [name]Riley[/name] i found out about [name]Finley[/name] and how i love [name]Quinn[/name], i dont know, i just do!

Not to make this even more complicated, but how do you like:
[name]Flynn[/name] for a girl?
[name]Quentin[/name] for a boy?

I think those are both awesome names that are sort of variants on the sounds you like but less overdone and more elegant than the names on your original list. Plus, they work together and I think they make a cute girl-boy sibset.

By the way, I would definitely drop [name]Riley[/name] from the list ASAP - it already sounds dated!

[name]Quinn[/name], [name]Riley[/name] and [name]Griffin[/name] could work

[name]Fionnuala[/name] ([name]FINN[/name]-noo-lah) is a irish female name, that could be shortened to Fi(o)nn, or even [name]Nuala[/name] (Noo-la).

[name]Finn[/name]- names:
[name]Finbar[/name] (M), spelt invariably as Fionnbarr and [name]Finbarr[/name].
[name]Findley[/name] (M), spelt also as Fionnlagh
Phinaeus (M)
[name]Fingal[/name] (M
Finnagan (M), or [name]Finnegan[/name]
[name]Finn[/name]”n (M)
[name]Finnguala[/name] (F)
[name]Fina[/name] (F)
[name]Griffin[/name] (M)
Cyffin (F)
[name]Delphine[/name]/a (F), or [name]Delfina[/name]
Hefin (M)
Myfina (F)
[name]Rufina[/name] (F), [name]Rufino[/name] (M)
[name]Sarafina[/name]/ [name]Serafina[/name]/ Saraphina/ [name]Seraphina[/name]/ [name]Seraphine[/name] (F)

[name]Quinn[/name]- names:
[name]Quentin[/name] (M)
[name]Tarquin[/name] (M)
[name]Joaquin[/name] (M)
Harlequin (M/F)

I cant ditch [name]Riley[/name], im soo in love with the name. Where I live i have never seen a [name]Riley[/name] boy or girl! There may be some pr. issues with the english R but a hard R like the belgium R is fine for me.

I dont really care for [name]Quentin[/name] but [name]Flynn[/name] is apealing (is that the right word?) but [name]Quinn[/name] and [name]Flynn[/name] still rhyme!