How unisex is Evan?

I like the name [name]Evan[/name], but my reservation is that it is considered unisex.
[name]Just[/name] how unisex would you classify this?
When you hear the name [name]Evan[/name], do you automatically think boy?
If it’s like [name]Ryan[/name], where I’m 98% sure it’s a boy, I would be ok with giving my son this name.
But if it’s like [name]Morgan[/name] or [name]Jordan[/name], where I couldn’t tell, I would really like to know.

Also, how will this name fare over time? 40 years from now, will it be considered classic or trendy/outdated like [name]Kevin[/name] is now?

Thank you.

I think it’s somewhere between [name]Ryan[/name] and [name]Jordan[/name]. I’ve known quite a few female [name]Evans[/name], 3 to be exact (plus [name]Evan[/name] [name]Rachel[/name] [name]Wood[/name]), but for some reason when I hear it, I still automatically think boy. I looked up the statistics though, and I don’t think it’s ever hit the top 1000 for girls. For boys, on the other hand, it’s been in and out of the top 1000 since records were kept and steadily ranking in the top 600 since around 1910. So I think it’s a pretty good name to grow up with, maybe even on its way to becoming a modern classic like I would consider [name]Ryan[/name] to be. It may become slightly dated, but not terribly trendy.

[name]Evan[/name] is very masculine sounding to me. It’s a great boy name. I’ve never heard it used for a girl and wouldn’t care to. I think you’re safe with [name]Evan[/name] for a boy.

This name is all boy to me. I know of [name]Evan[/name] [name]Rachel[/name] [name]Wood[/name], but I still don’t see anything feminine about it. It’s my 22 year old brother’s name, and a friend from work just adopted a baby boy a few weeks ago and named him [name]Evan[/name]. I think you’re safe. :wink:

[name]Evan[/name] is most definitely a boy’s name in my opinion. I really wouldn’t like it on a girl.

i had never thought of evan as a girls name but thats the name i picked for my son LOL evan lawrence