How usable is this name?

I am one of those people who really like last names as first names. So, with all of the other last names that are becoming first names, I was wondering if the name Wakefield was usable as a first name? My husband and I both like it, but I wanted to get some other opinions. It kind of reminds me of the actor Wentworth [name]Miller[/name]'s first name. If Wentworth works, why not Wakefield? Any opinions would be great, I just want some insight from other people.

I don’t think it would be a good choice personally. Wakefield seems too word/noun heavy to me and it also has two very heavy associations in my mind-- the first is Wake [name]Forest[/name] (not that this is bad, its just a strong association to me) and then second is Wakefield Prison, which is the biggest maximum security prison in the UK.

Are you a [name]Red[/name] Sox fan? Honestly, all I can think of is [name]Tim[/name] Wakefield. It’s not a bad association at all- he’s a great guy and is close to having the all time most wins in a [name]Red[/name] Sox uniform- it’s just a really strong association for anyone who follows baseball, or at least the American League [name]East[/name]. Players are referred to by their last name and his gets shortened to Wake by the manager, so I suppose I could see it working. That said, I’m not crazy about it and think there are better surname options out there.

Personally, I’d never use it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t think twice about meeting someone else’s child with this name. So I’d say it’s “usable”. However, I would probably assume it was a family surname that got promoted to the first name slot.

It makes me think of [name]Andrew[/name] Wakefield, the man who made the deeply fraudulent claim that vaccines cause autism, which is not a great association to make with an innocent child. [name]Even[/name] apart from that, it sounds a bit too wordy in an unpleasantly puritan sort of way. If you love it, I’d shove it into that very useful thing, the middle name spot.

Agreed with [name]Cressida[/name].
It’s usable, but I wouldn’t myself. It strikes me as a highly snobby rich name.

That is also instantly what I thought of. But also why I [name]LOVE[/name] it. Needless to say, as a [name]Red[/name] Sox fan I’m a tad biased.