How would you pn Amalia??

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  • ah-muh-LEE-uh: 1 (5%)
  • UH-MAH-lee-uh: 19 (95%)

I put the most emphasis on the first A, with the rest said at the same cadence. I say it with 3 syllables, not 4: Uh-mal-ya instead of Uh-ma-lee-ah.

I guess I think of this name as similar to [name]Amelia[/name] and [name]Amelie[/name], which both have 3 syllables and [name]Amelia[/name] is pronounced Uh-meel-ya where I live.

You’re right! Your pn is the one I was thinking of when I wrote uh-MAH-lee uh. I personally prefer ah-muh-[name]LEE[/name]-uh but don’t know how I would spell the name to reflect that…

I think I might spell [name]Ah[/name]-mull-lee-ah Amelea or Ameleah. That would put the distinction between the -ya ending and the -ee-ah ending.

I love the name, by the way! I’ve long loved the name [name]Amelie[/name], and have toyed with the idea of putting the -ah sound at the end!

amal leah

[name]Amalia[/name] is a beautiful name; I pronounce it A-MAH-lia. I don’t like the other pronunciation at all.