How would you spell this name? If it even is a name..

For the past month now I’ve been having a recurring dream about a name pronounced

eh - TEER - ee

There’s no person attached to the name that I can see, it’s just… a thought, a whisper.

I didn’t like it at first but for some reason I can’t get it out of my head.
I’ve tried to look it up but all I got were loose ends, or nothing that actually says it’s a valid name.

Figment of my imagination maybe? Either way, how would you spell it?

Etiria, maybe?

Eteri / Etiri / Etire

I think Etiri is the most instinctive.

I know of a Russian figure skating coach by the name of Eteri Tutberidze. I’m not one hundred percent sure how she pronounces Eteri, but I would assume it was close to eh-TEER-ee. According to Behind the Name, it’s a Georgian name meaning “air”.

I’d go with Eterie.

It’s pronounced kind of like Ih-tur-ee.

The Georgian name Eteri is related to English ‘ethereal’. It’s the name of a ‘[name_f]Cinderella[/name_f]-like peasant girl’ in medieval Georgian legend. I think it’s beautiful, but I’d guess the original pronunciation is eh-TEH-ree? I think you could still use Eteri and pronounce it eh-TEER-ee, though. :slight_smile: Etiri would be the next best spelling.

Eteiri? Ateiri? Etieri? Atieri?

My oldest dd has a classmate called Ateir@ uh-TEER-uh.

I’d go with Etiri. It’s my instinctive spelling.

I think Etiri would work best.

I think Eteri is the more visually attractive option, but Etiri would definitely get the right pronunciation! Either works in my opinion. Good luck on your search.

I would spell it Eteri.

Eteri is my first thought.

Eteri / Eterie / Eteerie