To all those TTC, moms, or just dreaming…

Do you have any hunches about your future children? About the order, you’ll have them in (as in, genders?) or anything else, about them or how the pregnancy/birth will go.
If you are a mom, did any of them come true?

For me, ever since I was young, I’ve been SO sure I’ll have a little boy first. Whether that’ll be true, I don’t know. But it’s just such a clear hunch!

I’m pregnant for the first time, due in the spring. Since the second I caught i’vre had a feeling they’re a boy. We find out in a couple weeks time!

Its strange because before I was pregnant I always pictured my first as a girl :joy:

I always imagined I’d have a daughter first. As soon as I found out I was pregnant the first time, I saw a little girl every time I pictured our future family. And we both were far more drawn to a girls’ name — we couldn’t settle for a boy.

We found out at 20 weeks that she was a girl and honestly I’d have been so surprised if she’d been a boy!

But I had no hunches about #2 or #3 :woman_shrugging:

I’ve alllways thought I’ll have a girl first… And similar to katinka, we are already completely sold on a girl’s name. [name_f]My[/name_f] partner is one of three boys and his dad was one of three boys so… I’ll be defying the odds!

I think I’ll have a girl first. I’m the firstborn and a girl, and my mum and her mum are both firstborns (I don’t know any further back than that). [name_f]My[/name_f] dad’s mum is also the firstborn, so it’d definitely make sense.

I never really wanted children before I had my oldest, but like every girl (I guess) I sometimes imagined what being a mother would be like. Whenever I did, I always saw myself as the mother of a little boy, or more than one son if I thought about having a big family, but I had a hard time imagining myself as a girls’ mother. Now I have two sons and I’m expecting number three and four, so I guess I’ll be a boys mom. Well, maybe if we decide to go for number five someday it might be a girl, you never know.

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When I picture myself with a child, it’s usually a boy, to the point I have to like consciously think about having a daughter to avoid my mind’s boy-baby-as-default thought process. I have no idea why, maybe because my only sibling is a younger brother? I also have an easier time with boy names.

I always imagined having little girls, and though I never really had a ‘feeling’ while pregnant, that’s just my minds default. Our first is a girl, but this pregnancy I’m actively trying to keep an open mind, I really don’t think I’d mind having a boy once he was here, it’s just hard for me to picture. (Also it doesn’t help that both my husband and I only have sisters, my husbands definitely the odd man out)

I always imagined myself with three girls, starting with a quiet, calm one. I was convinced my first was a girl from the day we found out I was pregnant, and I was right. But she is a little firecracker, not at all the quiet little girl I had imagined! [name_f]My[/name_f] second is a boy, which wasn’t in the initial “dream” but I was convinced early on in pregnancy he was a he. Again, I was hoping for a quiet one to balance out my daughter. Turns out he’s crazier than she is. We aren’t having a third now. Haha!


I’ve always imagined I’d end up with 3 kids, 1 boy and 2 girls. [name_f]My[/name_f] father’s family, mother’s family, my own siblings and I, and my sister’s children have all ended up with that combo of living children (sounds awful but it excludes stillbirths and infant deaths during birth, of which I weren’t aware of myself as a child when I was forming that feeling of what the typical family I saw looked like). The boy mostly seems to be in the middle but sometimes the eldest. No idea yet what my family will actually look like, got one girl so far and another unknown on the way. But it’s not so much a hunch as just an unfounded presumption that my family will follow the pattern of the one myself and my parents had.

I haven’t had any hunches, all sorts of daydreams when I was younger, but no really strong feelings of what will actually happen.

When I was younger, whenever I would picture myself with a child, it was always vividly a little girl. A little blonde girl. It wasn’t until I actually became pregnant the first time that I was able to imagine that scene with a little boy there instead. I could finally see the same scenarios played out with either a girl or a boy. And he ended up a boy.

When I was pregnant the second time, all I could picture was another boy. Try as I might, that little girl was gone. OH was so certain that this second one would be a girl, because my pregnancy was so different from the first time, but I knew that it was a boy. No rhyme or reason, I just felt it so strongly.

And he was. And I’m a boy mom twice over. I’m not confident anymore that I’ll ever meet that little girl from my early dreams, and I’m actually at peace with that.

I always assumed that we’d have a girl. We even went as far as getting an It’s a Girl ornament a couple of years ago, before we were even pregnant, as a little hope token. However, when we actually did get pregnant, I felt strongly it was a boy. I could still easily see us with a daughter but I had a hunch. It was indeed a boy!

Other hunches…I had a hunch that I would need a C-section. I know some may say it was a self-fulfilling prophecy type thing but yeah…I did need one for several reasons. I had a hunch that he would be born with a lot of hair (he was) but I was wrong on the color! He was born with lots of dark hair, like his daddy, but his hair lightened up, like mine.

I don’t have any thoughts going forward, honestly. I don’t know what our future holds and I just don’t even have many thoughts about it right now.

Hi I have two boys. Growing up I always saw myself as a girl mum. So I was surprised to have boys. When I was pregnant I dreamt on both occasions they were boys so that’s how I knew I was having boys. A very accurate clairvoyant told me once I was destined for 3 boys and if I wanted a girl I’d need to ‘pray really hard’ we will be TTC our third later in the year and I feel like already it’ll be another boy.

I don’t have any strong hunches but I’ve pictured myself with twins quite a bit. There are a few sets of twins in my family so it’s possible! I’ve also dreamt of a baby with red hair a few times!

I always imagined my first born being a girl. I really thought they’d be a girl. I had a name picked and scoured baby websites for outfits… Then I fell pregnant and knew it was a boy, and a boy he is. So that’s blown all my hunches :joy:

I’ve also only ever known my family to have happy, healthy pregnancies and babies and thought this would be the same for me but he came at 33 weeks and spent 3 weeks in nicu. Soooo… He’s healthy now but every single hunch I’ve ever had has turned out to be the complete opposite!