Husband needs help!

My husband and I are expecting baby #2 but we can’t seem to agree on a girls name. I was hoping for some more suggestions to run by my husband. My absolute favorite name is [name]Simone[/name] [name]Victoria[/name]. He doesn’t mind it and it would be the name we would choose if nothing else comes up but in all fairness to him I thought it would be best if we had some other ideas since he doesn’t love it like I do.

To give you an example of what we like…Our daughter’s name is [name]Roxanne[/name] [name]Coraline[/name]. We like older names that are recognizable and easy to spell/pronounce but still relatively uncommon.

My absolute favorite name is [name]Stella[/name] but unfortunately it has become way too popular right now so that one has been crossed off. The one name we do both agree on is [name]Heidi[/name] but it sounds horrible with our last name and sadly we would never use it. All names starting with H seem to be out as are nature names. (They don’t work with our last name)

So the other names I have suggested are:

[name]Vera[/name] [name]Katherine[/name]
[name]Nina[/name] [name]Meredith[/name] or
[name]Nina[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name] (Husband likes [name]Eleanor[/name] as a first name, I don’t so I thought using it as a middle name would be a good compromise)
I also like the names [name]Colette[/name] and Celeste. (No middle name as of yet)
My husband liked [name]Daphne[/name] and while I like reading the name I don’t like saying the name. (If that makes sense)

Basically we like 2 syllable first names with a 3 syllable middle name. (Our last name is 1 syllable) so it just seems to flow the best.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I know this is another R name but I love it, and it could be your style.
I met a little girl named [name]Romina[/name] [name]Denisse[/name]. I think it’s a gorgeous name. She had a great personality and I called her [name]Romi[/name], or [name]Romey[/name]. It doesnt have the right syllable count, but I hope it helps give you some ideas. Good luck finding the right name!
But If he likes [name]Simone[/name] [name]Victoria[/name], and you love it, I wouldn’t be afraid to go with it!

[name]Simone[/name] works well with [name]Roxanne[/name]. I also think [name]Maxine[/name] has a similar feel.

spanglish, that’s funny, I was [name]JUST[/name] going to suggest [name]Ramona[/name] when I scrolled to your post! :slight_smile:

I really love [name]Simone[/name], it’s my daughter’s mn!
[name]Estelle[/name], [name]Estella[/name], [name]Estrella[/name], [name]Claudine[/name], [name]Claudia[/name], [name]Claudette[/name], [name]Celestine[/name], [name]Nova[/name], [name]Augustine[/name], [name]Augusta[/name], [name]Norah[/name], [name]Antonina[/name], [name]Anthea[/name], [name]Veronica[/name], [name]Ramona[/name], [name]Elin[/name], [name]Ellen[/name], [name]Elena[/name], [name]Delphine[/name], [name]Diana[/name], [name]Phoebe[/name], [name]Marietta[/name], [name]Vivian[/name], [name]Naomi[/name], [name]Corrinne[/name], [name]Bianca[/name], [name]Sasha[/name]

Great minds think alike! :slight_smile: although I think [name]Ramona[/name] and [name]Romina[/name] each have their own personality. So it’s still a good suggestion to add!

What about [name]Loralie[/name] [name]Victoria[/name]?

[name]Katya[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name]
[name]Willa[/name] [name]Colette[/name]
[name]Fleur[/name] [name]Celeste[/name]
[name]Raina[/name] [name]Simone[/name]
[name]Cassia[/name] [name]Victoria[/name]

I actually like the name [name]Ramona[/name] (more so than [name]Romina[/name] and only because it is more widely known) but I dont think i could do two R names. I know it is kinda silly but I want the names to be as distinct and separate as possible. Especially since they won’t be too far apart in age.

And unfortunately I did not like any of the last names listed with my name picks being used as middle names. They are just too soft and trendy seeming to me. Thanks though.

Sorry we couldnt help! Why don’t you go with the name you love? If not, I’m sure something or someone here will be able to help, there are so many different ideas! So many times I get inspiration that leads me to an idea or suggestions that make make me realize how much I liked an original choice. Best of luck! And I hope everything goes well with #2!