Husband's new addition to name list

Throwing around baby names tonight at yet another family get together and my husband is really liking the name [name]George[/name]. I like this name in theory but is it ready for the old-fashioned come back like so many other great names: [name]Henry[/name], etc.??? When little [name]George[/name] [name]Joseph[/name] Lo****** is in fourth grade is he going to get picked on or am I analyzing this too much?

I love the name [name]George[/name] and I think he’s totally ready to come back into style. I really can’t imagine a [name]George[/name] getting picked on for his name.

I don’t think [name]George[/name] is a name that will get picked on. It’s strong and classic. It’s a good choice.

I agree with [name]Lyndsay[/name] and Teacup, and think that [name]George[/name] is a great name. I actually know of a baby [name]George[/name] who is darling…

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your vote of confidence everybody! It’s a name he and I ACTUALLY agree on!!!

I love the name [name]George[/name]!

I know a baby and a grade-sevener named [name]George[/name].

He probably won’t get picked on but I would much rather save the name and give a daugther the beautiful name of [name]Georgia[/name].

I know two [name]Georges[/name] who are my age (fifteen) and they are both brilliant, quite popular and neither of them have got teased because of their name. I love the name [name]George[/name]! good luck :slight_smile:

[name]George[/name] is a brilliant name - a short, simple, handsome classic. No, he won’t be picked on - here in [name]England[/name] almost every other person who my husband went to school with (we are in our late twenties) is named [name]George[/name], and so are lots of children.

I did know a [name]George[/name] who was unfortunately large when we were young (around ten), and he did get “[name]Georgie[/name] Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry” quite a bit, but I’m almost certain that it was just character building - I still know him and he isn’t scarred in any way, and the other children quickly got over the novelty of teasing him.

Good luck!

[name]George[/name] is a lovely name…not too old-fashioned…classic more than anything

My son has a well-liked 6th grade friend named [name]George[/name].