Hyrum or Hiram?

We ended up having a girl this go-round, but one of the top boy’s names on the list for us was [name]Hyrum[/name]/[name]Hiram[/name]. Only DH insisted on the [name]Hyrum[/name] spelling and I preferred the [name]Hiram[/name] spelling. He does have a [name]Hyrum[/name] in his family line and I like the name and would love to honor him (perhaps a future son) but I really worry that the [name]Hyrum[/name] spelling is setting him up for teasing- what do you guys think?

I love [name]Hiram[/name]! [name]Hyrum[/name] strikes me as a phonetic spelling, just to make sure people say it right. [name]Hiram[/name] is so quirky and vintage, I adore it.

Although I personally prefer the look of [name]Hiram[/name], I think if you’re LDS (as your username suggests) I’d go with [name]Hyrum[/name] to avoid confusion and misspelling. I knew a woman who named her son [name]Hiram[/name] and everyone got confused. Then again, that’s in [name]Utah[/name] where most people are Mormon, so it might not be a big deal elsewhere.

[name]Hiram[/name]. [name]Hyrum[/name] makes me think of hymen…


[name]Hyrum[/name] just looks wrong to me.

I would stick with the original, classic spelling of [name]Hiram[/name]. Personally, I really dislike people changing the spelling of Biblical names. It’s very disrespectful of those who are religious. [name]Even[/name] if it’s a family name, [name]Hyrum[/name] “looks” awful and the unfortunate perception of this spelling may cause people to think that [name]Hyrum[/name]'s parents are illiterate.

I assume you’re Mormon (from your username, and the name [name]Hyrum[/name]/[name]Hiram[/name] itself!)

Luckily for you, Mormonism has both [name]Hyrum[/name] and [name]Hiram[/name] in it’s history, so you can really use either…if people are confused at the [name]Hiram[/name] spelling at first (assuming you live in [name]Utah[/name]), you can always say “It’s [name]Hiram[/name] like [name]Hiram[/name] [name]Page[/name], not [name]Hyrum[/name] like [name]Hyrum[/name] [name]Smith[/name]”

Personally I like the look of [name]Hiram[/name] better. The letter Y has become ugly-looking to me in recent years, because so many parents use it to create their ‘yoonique’ names (or naymes, rather ;))

I like the look of [name]Hiram[/name] more for some reason. I can’t really pinpoint why! Maybe the Y in the middle feels strange for me?

I’m with Scarletrune. I like [name]Hiram[/name], but not [name]Hyrum[/name] at all.

[name]Hiram[/name], completely. [name]Hyrum[/name] looks rather awful to my eye (and agree with the above poster who mentioned the immediate association is ‘hymen’).