I am thinking of using my boy's pick for a Daughter... Don't hate me!

I don’t want to cause a fuss and I’m not looking for typical “That’s a boys name, so I hate it” responses. I am asking if the sound of the name [name]Asher[/name] would sound alright for a girl. I love this name and I only want 2 children, so if the next one is a boy we’re all set. But what if it’s another girl? I can’t use the only other name I truly love just because it’s historically male? Please don’t hate me, Berries!

I really like the idea of [name]Asher[/name] for a girl. It’s unique and not too masculine.

I mean, you’ve seen what happens on here, you’re asking for it : D, but…as a general conservative but also someone who tries to recognize where taste ends and practicalities begin…

[name]Asher[/name] might work OK. Your daughter has a uni-ish name, which would eliminate any awkwardness there, and [name]Asher[/name] evokes some girl territory with sounds from [name]Ashley[/name] and [name]Harper[/name].

I guess a big factor is how popular it is for boys in your area. If it’s getting near top 25 territory it’s more worrisome than if it’s still lower. It is a pain to always have it assumed you’re the other gender in those situations where people just have your name on a sheet of paper to go on.

From your list, I like [name]Asher[/name] [name]Cora[/name] as a middle option.

Or [name]Asher[/name] as a middle option? That would be my recommendation.

I wouldn’t do it. There are already so many boys names going to the girls. I hate this trend. There are plenty of girls names to pick.

I think it’s fine. [name]Ashley[/name] is supposed to be a boy name anyway. Neither are my style, but neither sre horrible on a girl imo.

But if you’re feeling uncertain I guess [name]Ashlynn[/name] or [name]Ember[/name] or [name]Asha[/name] are more obviously female.

I just hope if you do [name]Asher[/name] you do a girly mn. [name]Asher[/name] [name]Kate[/name] is pretty cute if the double name thing appeals to you

I would suggest using [name]Asher[/name] as her middle name, and giving her a feminine first name.

I think if you use the name [name]Asher[/name] with a decidedly feminine mn you’d be making a great choice. To me [name]Asher[/name] falls into the same category as [name]Sawyer[/name], [name]Madison[/name] or one of the other boy goes girl names. I’d suggest something like [name]Asher[/name] [name]Juliet[/name] or [name]Asher[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name]. I know you have another thread open in which I responded favorably to the name [name]Alys[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name] - I still like [name]Alys[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name] better with [name]Rowan[/name] [name]Jane[/name] for two girls. I like [name]Alys[/name] better than [name]Asher[/name] for a girl as is.

I think [name]Asher[/name] works alright for a girl as [name]Ash[/name] sounded soft.

I would definitely use a obviously feminine, vintage girl name in the middle.

Oh, I am very aware of the general hatred of this trend on Nameberry, but hopefully people will understand that I’m not doing it just to “steal” a boy’s name, but because I honestly love the name [name]Asher[/name] and I fear I might not get to use it. :frowning:

You’re going to get very different responses based on perspectives, especially when it comes to using historically male names on girls. But you already know that, so to answer your question I love the name [name]Asher[/name], and as much as I like it on a boy, I think it could work for a girl because of its soft sound. It’s a sweet name, I totally get why you don’t want to let go of it :slight_smile:

hmm… I get you like it and it’s your favorite, but I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse to put it on a girl… She will be assumed male all the time. Maybe as a middle name… but I just don’t like the idea “well because you aren’t a boy I’m going to give you a boy name because I wanted one, but didn’t get one”

It just seems unfair to the child…

I second this. [name]Asher[/name] would work just fine as a MN. I don’t care for it as a FN for a girl.

I agree with this. If you were approaching it from the perspective of “I think this is an awesome name for a girl” then it would be okay, but since you acknowledge that if you knew you would have a boy later you’d save it for him but if not then you will use it on a girl. It somehow makes your love of the name more important than your child.

With that said if you feel that your motives are pure, than I think it could work on a girl.

Totally not why I want to use it. I don’t necessarily want a boy, I would be perfectly happy with another girl. I knew [name]Rowan[/name]'s name was unisex when I used it but I loved it so much, I didn’t mind using it for a boy or a girl.

But the original poster said that the name is being considered because of the love of the name, not because a boy is desired over a girl.

I know a handful of girls named [name]Asher[/name], but it’s spelled [name]Asha[/name].

Thank you!

Sorry, but that’s how it appears and many would assume so… it kind of makes the statement that you wanted a boy but didn’t get one so you put the name on a girl… That’s why my cousin [name]Jordan[/name] goes by her middle name [name]Paige[/name]… She hates having a boy’s name.

Like I said, I get you love the name, but I don’t think it’s fair to put that on a child…

The question was if the name [name]Asher[/name] would “sound alright on a girl”…there is absolutely no mention of 'wanting a boy"…i don’t get it.

Then is [name]Rowan[/name]'s name unfair? Is my name unfair since I have a unisex name as well? Would people assume I wanted a boy named [name]Rowan[/name] so I named my daughter that? No, I named her [name]Rowan[/name] because I love the name regardless of gender. Same as [name]Asher[/name], I love the name so why should it matter if the next child is a boy or a girl?