I desperately need last names

For my new story I have lots of first names but no cool last names. Does anyone have any ideas??

Not sure what you mean by “cool” last names… There are lots of names out there ([name]North[/name], [name]Roth[/name], Moonves, and [name]Quinlan[/name] to name a few), but I have no idea if those fit what you’re looking for.

I just need some last names that are different haha without sounding totally ridiculous.

I recently referred someone else on these boards to this site so I apologize if that was you, but www.surnamedb.com is a great resource for surnames for characters!

Pendergrass and Ravenscroft are always favorites of mine

Nono, beat me to it! Lots of names there, or there is always the phonebook you know…

It’s where I get almost all of my surnames for characters. It says most common, but there’s a LOT of names and some of them are pretty neat. :slight_smile: [name]Hope[/name] that helped. [name]Happy[/name] hunting!

Type in surname or surnames into the search bar, that’s what I do usually.