I have a small problem...

I’m a little bit hesitant about posting a new thread sharing my name combos since I recently noticed someone pointing out that anyone posting their name combos can be taken by other berries. But then I see other people post their name combos shamelessly in their signature and in posts. I don’t know what to think! Would it be okay if I did that as well? I would love to share my combos without fear of them being stolen… but then again, I might not even use them in the future anyways. Not only that but I’m also afraid of getting mean comments about my names as well.

Let me tell you a seemingly unrelated story. My DD has a BFF. My DD got red jeans… within a week BFF bought red jeans. I bought DD a black leather jacket- you guessed it! BFF got a black leather jacket. [name]One[/name] top my DD saved her pocket money for the BFF went and bought the EXACT top by that afternoon.

My point is, some people are leaders, others follow.

If you put your particular combos out on the net, it is true a stranger with no imagination of their own may potentially come and think “cool name” and use it. Perhaps someone else will think “I can’t believe it! She has my combo!”. Nothing will stop people stealing your names. But are they actually ‘your’ names? They are just like tops at the shop- anybody can choose them. I used to have mine on my sig, but decided not to as they kept changing too much. I have posted some of my combos and generally speaking they were well received.

As for mean comments: it is true there are some people who lack tact and fail to realise that variety is the spice of life. People who are so set that their taste is the only taste. [name]Remember[/name], if you seek opinions there will be bound to be many and varied responses. Some of the mean/ tactless comments may draw your attention to an aspect of a name you had not considered. At the end of the day what matters is you like the combo/s.

I say post!

You don’t truly own a name so I don’t see the issue with posting combos and asking for opinions. Chances are someone already has that name combo somewhere in the world, unless your kid is named [name]Orange[/name] Carrot [name]Magnolia[/name]… hopefully nobody names their kid that.

As for mean comments. You joined a forum and if you seek for opinions, sometimes you don’t get nice ones. [name]Remember[/name], they are people’s opinions and you don’t have to agree with them. It’s just like if your asking “[name]Do[/name] you like this dress” and someone responds “it’s hideous, ugly,” etc… The same applies with names, so just ignore mean comments or take them into consideration, it’s up to you. People are just being honest.

No one owns names. [name]How[/name] do you know I didn’t come up with the same combo myself and plan to use it?

And as for mean comments, it happens. People are very blunt. I know I am. I won’t flat out bash you or anything, but I will be honest about your names. You just have to learn that not everyone has the same style and there really is some good advice out there. If you’re into yooneek spellings, boy names on girls, and totally made up names, you might have a difficult time here. But looking at your siggy, that doesn’t seem to be the case. [name]Just[/name] remember that we’re all total strangers - we’re going to tell you what we think, but in the end, does our opinion REALLY matter that much to you? If you really truly love a name and it has a lot of meaning for you, use it!

To be honest, the name-stealing was the least of my worries, I just didn’t want look silly if I did happen to post or share my combos one day. Thank you all for replying, I feel less insecure about it now lol :slight_smile:

This is a board for sharing names and combos. You certainly wouldn’t look silly sharing combos that you like - that’s the whole purpose this site is even here. :slight_smile: [name]Remember[/name], no one “owns” a name or a combo, therefore no one can “steal” a name from you.

As far as mean comments go, if you’re not sure how your post will be received, hang out on the boards for a few days and read lots of posts, especially ones that might sound similar to the one you want to post. Get a feel for how people respond and what kinds of posts get constructive feedback, and which get bashed. Of the several name sites I frequent, this site is by far the kindest and most polite in terms of giving negative feedback. I’ve never actually seen any post where the poster gets truly flamed for posting a polite, honest question and accepting all the feedback - positive and negative - gracefully. You don’t have to agree with all the comments, but if you post something here, expect a wide range of thoughts on the subject, not all of them in agreement with you. [name]Remember[/name], because this is a worldwide board, you’ll get opinions from across the globe, so not everyone will universally praise your choices, nor will they universally condemn them. Take all opinions with a grain of salt.

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