I like MILES, but why is it unpopular (#162 in 2009)?

[name]Do[/name] nameberries like the name [name]MILES[/name]? It was ranked #162 last year per Social Security. Is there anything wrong (bad associations, etc.) with this name? I am fairly new to the U.S. and am not completely aware of all the associations with American names. Looking for a name that upper class Americans would give. I don’t see [name]Miles[/name] in the top 100 of class-conscious [name]England[/name] and was wondering why. Is this a dignified name to give to a boy? [name]Will[/name] he feel comfortable telling people his name, as a child and a grown man. I would appreciate hearing anything, both negative and positive, before it goes on the birth certificate. Thank you.

I have an 18 year old cousin named [name]Miles[/name]. He usually gets [name]Milo[/name] or Millsey (we live in Australia so nicknames are pretty much required). I know as a younger child he got teased a little about his ‘snobby’ name but since starting at a more prestigious school he received nothing but compliments and now really loves his name.

Thank you, edie85.

I don’t know of any negative associations with it. Some people may be afraid of it because of the word, but there’s nothing wrong with it (unless, of course, your last name is “[name]Long[/name]”). I’m not quite sure what an “upper-class” American name would be, but there are some names that don’t have much class, namely, misspellings and names that end with -lyn or -leigh or rhyme with “[name]Aidan[/name].” As long as you avoid those, you should be fine, and classic names are always a safe bet.

I wouldn’t call #162 unpopular. It’s not common, but it is well known. I’m not aware of any negative associations, I would call it a “classy” name. I actually think [name]Miles[/name] is one of the nicest names out there! My friend recently changed his name to [name]Miles[/name], and he’s a really cool “classy” type guy!

I actually know of a baby [name]Miles[/name], born to a rather “classy” family. I think it’s a great name and #162 is a good spot for a boys name, [name]IMO[/name].

I think [name]Miles[/name] is a nice name. I tend to think of [name]Miles[/name] [name]Davis[/name], the jazz trumpeter when I hear the name. I don’t think that is a bad association.
Although, there was a dog in my dog’s obedience class named [name]Miles[/name]. He never wanted to do anything but lie around. They had to drag him around the room until he’d eventually give in and get up. Of course you and your family wouldn’t know this dog or think of him. I’d say go for it. :slight_smile: He always put a smile on my face.

[name]Miles[/name] is a great name, but I wouldn’t consider the 160s to be unpopular!! A name has to be at least as low as 300 for me to even consider it, lol.

I like the name [name]Niles[/name] even better. [name]Niles[/name] and [name]Nigel[/name] both sound very upper-class to me.

I know a great [name]Miles[/name] too. Not popular or unpopular - and to the above person who chooses names only if they are ranked less than 300 - how ridiculous - you should choose a name because you like it not because you are trying to be different. What is this obsession with "uniqueness’? Get over it. I bet you wear jeans, eat breakfast and fart like the rest of us.

I think it’s definitely on the rise. My husband’s father was named [name]Miles[/name] and he passed away last year. I am pregnant with a boy now and we’ve considered it. But I have a close friend with a baby [name]Miles[/name] (and another acquaintance) and there is a baby and a young school aged [name]Miles[/name] at my daughters gymnastics. So to me it seems to be one of those names that is suddenly going to be everywhere - though I am in Australia too, perhaps it’s regional.

I agree that 162 isn’t UNpopular. Think how many little boys that must represent!