I love the name Hollyn but need your help with spelling it

So i have been searching a lot of opinions on this name in past posts, and their have been a lot of mixed reviews. I would like to get some more opinions of this name as well as seeing if i can get away with spelling it differently. I love the sound of this name, basically [name]Holland[/name] with out the d, but can i spell it like Hollan? It just looks like the n is being thrown onto the end of [name]Holly[/name] when it is spelled like Hollyn. I also don’t want people to pronounce it holl-lynn. Please give me feedback
o and its a girl
Since we know a [name]Holly[/name] i dont want to name her that
but instead of Hollyn maybe just do [name]Holland[/name] instead? I mean i know someone named [name]Ireland[/name]… but just let me know what you guys think

I much prefer [name]Holly[/name], but would spell it Hollyn.


I think Hollan looks more handsome than Hollyn but I too much prefer [name]Holly[/name].

Good [name]Luck[/name]:slight_smile:

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

For a male or female? I think it’s stunning for both. :slight_smile:

For females I would stick with Hollyn, or even Hollin.

For males, Hollan seems much more masculine.

[name]Hi[/name]! Because Hollyn looks like a misspelling of [name]Holland[/name] to me, much like Irelyn for [name]Ireland[/name], I personally prefer your idea of going with [name]Holland[/name] (or even [name]Hollis[/name], because [name]Holly[/name] isn’t an option for you.):slight_smile:

I think that Hollan looks better than Hollyn, but either way, I imagine it will be misunderstood as “[name]Holland[/name]” because the two sound so close.

(I’m also confused, because you said you don’t want Hollyn to be pronounced as hol-lynn, yet that’s the only way it can be pronounced with a “lyn” ending. I may be missing something though, so I apologize for my confusion!) :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I think that Hollyn looks like a tryndee spelling, can we interest you in another H name?


I think if your don’t want the ‘[name]Lynn[/name]’ pro-nounciation then Hollan looks fine. But either way I think you might get people saying Hol-lynn.
Maybe soemthing like Hollanne to get the pronounciation you want?

I like [name]Holland[/name] over Hollyn.

I’m confused by the pronunciation you want too. Hol-lynn is how I would say it. With Hollan, it might be confused as hole-lyn? Or is it Hol-ann you want? I like the suggestion of Hollin but I prefer the name [name]Hollis[/name] to any of the Hollyn spellings.

I know a boy named Hollin, and have always liked it on him–maybe because of this, I have trouble picturing it for a girl. Because people sometimes think his name is the more common ‘[name]Hollis[/name]’, I’m thinking your female Hollyn would frequently get called [name]Holly[/name] anyway.

That said, if you love it I would go with it. She’ll just be the female Hollin/Hollyn trendsetter.