I need a name for my main character!

I am planning out a new story, where one of the main characters is a boy. First, I named him [name]Shasta[/name]. However, upon further research I found out that [name]Shasta[/name] is apparently mostly associated with girls. I thought [name]Misha[/name] has the same feel, but it just screams [name]Mischa[/name] [name]Barton[/name] to me. Then, I named him [name]Pasha[/name], but I just found out today that “[name]Pasha[/name]” was the name of a political rank in the Ottoman empire, that weren’t all very nice.

So, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for boy names that have the same “feel” or sound as [name]Shasta[/name]. It is a fantasy novel, so origin doesn’t matter that much. :slight_smile:


What exotic names! Here’s a small list I made with names mostly ending in “-ha”, with meanings, if that sways you to use a particular one.

[name]Abrasha[/name] (meaning “father of multitudes”)
[name]Gosha[/name] (meaning, if you trace its roots far back enough to GET a meaning, “yew wood, archer”)
[name]Jasha[/name] (meaning “supplanter”)
[name]Kenzo[/name] (meaning “strong and healthy”)
[name]Malachy[/name] (meaning “my messenger”)
[name]Nicasio[/name] (meaning “victory”)
[name]Pavlusha[/name] (meaning “small”)
[name]Simcha[/name] (meaning “gladness, mirth, festivity”)
[name]Tavish[/name] (meaning “twin”)

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Leanora[/name], yeah, that’s the trouble with a lot of names ending in “a”: they sound like girls names. [name]Shasta[/name] is very [name]Wild[/name] [name]West[/name] to me so here are some names that I can think of with the same vibe or ending as [name]Shasta[/name]. [name]Hope[/name] you like one. Regards, [name]Mischa[/name].