I need advice

I have asked about using the name [name_u]Gentry[/name_u] on other baby name forums including Mumsnet.com and I had an overwhelming negative response and it’s put me off using the name.

What should I do as I still really like the name :sob:

If you love the name [name_u]Gentry[/name_u], you should definitely use it! [name_u]Gentry[/name_u] is a perfectly nice name, and there’s nothing offensive about it, so I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t use it.
I definitely understand negative reactions affecting how you feel about a name, but just remember, there are going to be people out there who hate whatever name you choose, so you might as well choose a name that you love.


Middle name!

If you love it, use it. Someone will always dislike your choice whatever you pick, but if you love it enough, go for it.

Maybe people dislike it because it’s different or not expected. Maybe because it means ruling class. Either way, it’s not offensive or horrible. It has a cute sound.

If those comments really get to you though, maybe using it as a middle as @victory55 suggests would be more comfortable?


Use it!!! I know a girl whose middle name [name_u]Gentry[/name_u] and she absolutely loves it!! (I think she has a tattoo of this name on her, too)
Go for it, if you love it!! It’s got a lovely sound and great look. Super cute.


I know a man named [name_u]Gentry[/name_u] through work, he’s one of our clients. Nicest man ever! Use it if you love it!

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[name_u]Gentry[/name_u] is lovely! Don’t pay any attention to the haters!

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I think it’s usable! What gender are you thinking about it for? Either way, I think it works. Nicknames like [name_f]Jen[/name_f] or [name_f]Jenny[/name_f] might make it seem less out-there for others, but [name_u]Gentry[/name_u] on its own is perfectly fine!

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i’m sorry you’ve received such a negative response on a name you love, so many of us can understand how discouraging and hurtful that can be. gentry is an established, uncommon name, with some cute nicknames too ! people are always going to say whatever they can to gain control over your naming decision, but you really should use it if it is the one for you :relaxed:


I love the name [name_u]Gentry[/name_u]! For a boy, it sounds so rugged and tough while also sounding sweet! For a girl, a spelling like [name_f]Jentri[/name_f] could make it a little more common with the nn Jen/Jenny while also being unique! I immediately think of cowboys and the American west when I hear the name [name_u]Gentry[/name_u]. If you love it use it! People will get used to it and they might come around to it once they get over the initial unknown of it. Like a kid trying a new food, it might take a few different exposures to the name for them to realize they like it (or at least don’t hate it)!

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