I need of help Thanks

Im looking for a name that means fire or fiery. I have a 3year old named [name]Aiden[/name]. What do u think about the name kegan? [name]Do[/name] u have any other names with the meaning fire/fiery? Thanks

[name]Keegan[/name] and [name]Aiden[/name] are a little matchy, but could definitely work as brothers. I like the name [name]Keegan[/name].

Other names that mean fire/fiery
[name]Brenton[/name] (maybe could just choose [name]Brent[/name])
[name]Kenneth[/name] “born of fire”
[name]Uri[/name] “my flame”
[name]Jairo[/name] “he will light up”
[name]Kiran[/name] “ray of light”
[name]Branson[/name]/[name]Brant[/name] “burn”
[name]Darren[/name] “burnt land” (not a terrific meaning, but…)