I need your help, pls.

So… i need some help. I want to change my name, i was thinking in something like [name_u]Logan[/name_u], [name_m]Liam[/name_m] or [name_m]Alexander[/name_m]. My last name is Gomez, so… i need a name that go with it. I really like [name_m]Alexander[/name_m], but i feel that i need a first o middle name for it. By the way, thanks.

[name_u]Logan[/name_u] is lovely but I do find it a little ‘trendy’. I’d go for [name_m]Liam[/name_m] [name_m]Alexander[/name_m] or [name_m]Alexander[/name_m] [name_u]Logan[/name_u].

Change your own name? I’d love more background as to why, to help give suggestions. Naming yourself is a whole different beast than naming another human being, imo.

Of your three choices you named, which one feels more natural to you? Maybe practice ordering coffee with these names, and see how they feel. [name_m]Alexander[/name_m] is certainly a classic and strong choice, so if that’s your favorite, go for it!