I noticed some formatting changes....

  1. The forums are narrower - is this true for everyone or just me? - Disclosure: my monitor is set up to my tv so I can see it across the room. However, it has been this way for a few months and a couple days ago, the forums got narrower (making all the posts look longer than they are).

  2. First unread post appears - this is new, right? Can we maybe have this linked outside the first post in a thread, right in the thread title on the list of topics?

Ex. So I see this thread has 48 responses, then I have to open the thread to the first page, and then I can jump to the first new post on page 6. I would like to not open to the first post if I am already following the thread, and go straight to the first unread post without passing through. Is this possible?

---- [name]EDIT[/name]: Now that I’ve noticed it, it would also be great to have a ‘last post’ link from the title of the thread in the list so you can jump right to the end - especially good if you have read it but wanted to respond later but there are no new posts.

I have noticed a few other changes, but these are the only ones I had a question about. Thanks!

Phew! I noticed that the pages seem narrower, too, and I totally thought my peepers were playing tricks on me. What a relief to know that my eyeballs are doing well. :slight_smile:

I think the pages have been narrowed to accommodate ads in the right margin.

Feeling relieved…


I ditto [name]Jill[/name]…I thought I was crazy! :slight_smile:

LOL! I kept refreshing the page, praying that the optical illusion would disappear. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I thought! about the narrow pages… I thought maybe it was just my computer though, good to see it’s wide spread. Although actually, it’s not so good, I liked the wider screen panel things. Someone bring them back!