I STILL can't un-like things

And it’s annoying. The system just ignores me when I try to un-heart it.

Have you already tried the first-port-of-call clearing cookies technique? This is working fine for me and I haven’t heard anything from other users (yet – please do chime in!) so I can only assume that something your end is interfering with this function. Have you tried any other devices or browsers?

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I’ve actually been having this issue on and off lately too and clearing cookies doesn’t help. I just tested and it’s working for me right now but it’s certainly been glitchy. Luckily I don’t think I’ve accidentally liked anything inappropriate!


What device/browser are you both using? Maybe there’s some commonality…

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i’ve been meaning to ask if there’s a time limit on unliking posts! is it something like you can’t unlike a post after ten minutes?


I’m on a Google pixel and accessing through the nameberry app or opening in Chrome

If it happens again I’ll see what happens if I go on a desktop

Aha! I think you’ve cracked it. I just tried to unlike a post above and I can’t, so it must be a timeframe thing.


Oh right, that would explain things… so if you think you’ve made a mistake you’ve got to act quick! It’s like deleting messages on WhatsApp!


I did! It did nothing!

I am on a PC and also using chrome but i tried microsoft edge Nd it didn’t work either @Katinka

why would that be a feature? although i do guess that stays consistent with what i’ve been doing… anyways imo it should be removed, but if it isn’t PLEASE at least add a pop-up that says you can’t un-like it.

If you hover your mouse over the like-button it will show :no_entry_sign: to show you can’t unlike it.

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well think about: say you give someone a nice reply, and then later go and unlike their post so they only have nine likes again. what happens? is the nice reply taken away?

it doesnt for me…

you could still do that under the ten min period

It actually makes a lot of sense to me, that way one can unlike accidental likes but can’t use it to annoy people


I’ve only had one time where I’d accidentally liked a post and I only realised when I came back to scroll through the topic later. I thought it was a glitch that I couldn’t unlike but it does make sense to have a time limit. It wasn’t ideal as I didn’t completely agree with the tone & what was being said, but it wasn’t awful or anything. That’s the only time it’s actually bothered me though, most times you realise about an accidental like almost straight away… I’ll be a bit more careful now I know about this though…


oh. i have notifs for likes turned off so i forgot about that. although tbh who on nb would really do that? even if they did their account would probably be suspended for trolling.

Something to consider is that its no big deal if you can’t unlike something :joy: