I'd love some love/like/dislike/hate reactions to Westley

We are still struggling with boys names (baby due in [name]July[/name]).

I am from [name]England[/name], and [name]Westley[/name] is a place name there. My husband likes [name]Weston[/name], but I think it is too trendy.

Thanks for your help!!

Vey candidly, in the US I would think you watched the [name]Princess[/name] [name]Bride[/name] one too many times and bullied your husband into it.

I like [name]Westley[/name]! :slight_smile:

Yes, [name]Princess[/name] [name]Bride[/name] is my first thought too and [name]Weston[/name] I think [name]Weston[/name]-Super-[name]Mare[/name]. Sorry! [name]How[/name] about [name]Wesley[/name] or [name]Winston[/name]?

I prefer [name]Westley[/name] to [name]Weston[/name] for certain. What about [name]Wesley[/name]?

Probably, if hearing it, I would just think I was hearing [name]Wesley[/name], and sort of like it.

The major difference to me would be in the nn. I do not like [name]Wes[/name], but [name]West[/name] is nice. Funny the difference a letter makes!

I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Westley[/name]! Meaning, I love the [name]Westley[/name], been in love with him since I read the fabulous The [name]Princess[/name] [name]Bride[/name]. I do like the name as well, it’s lovely and sweet. But I do think of [name]Westley[/name], with the bluest eyes, facing any danger to save his beloved [name]Buttercup[/name].

I love Westley as well. I would think of Princess Bride but not in a judgmental way. I would also think of Star Trek. Those type of connections are always bound to happen on a less common name. But it’s not as though Princess Bride is new and fresh. At this point I think it’s akin to using a name like Darcy, Bennett, or Austen and people thinking of Pride & Prejudice. It’s not a bad connection, so if it doesn’t bother you then don’t worry about it.

I think Wesley is a lovely name, and if the Westley spelling appeals to you more, then I say go with it.

I like Weston as well, but it is a tad trendy.

I actually prefer [name]Westley[/name] to [name]Wesley[/name], and I also like [name]Weston[/name] even though it is a little trendy. I prefer the [name]West[/name] sound over just the [name]Wess[/name]. [name]Wesley[/name] sounds less masculine and soft which I don’t like. [name]West[/name] sounds like he should be herding cattle, which is awesome!

I like [name]Wesley[/name], and would assume that’s what I heard, but the [name]Star[/name] Trek association clouds my liking of the name (the character is very whiney and obnoxious). [name]Westley[/name] spelled that way would make me assume the person like [name]Wesley[/name] and [name]Weston[/name] both, and decided on the best of both worlds: mash up! For better or worse…

I like it a lot! Great strong name that will last.

I like [name]Westley[/name]. It reminds me of the character in [name]Buffy[/name] the Vampire Slayer.