Identical Girl Quints!

OMG I am sooooooooooo excited! Me and MY DH, [name]Ethan[/name], just found out we’re expecting identicle girl quintuplettes on 11/12/13! [name]Ethan[/name] is a cowboy on our mustang ranch in Connecticut but he also plays for the NBA so we were thinking maybe of some ‘[name]Wild[/name] [name]West[/name]’ names or maybe something sporty?

A little about me first: my name is [name]Winter[/name], I’m 29 years old and jus married my best [name]Friend[/name] in [name]December[/name]. We met when we were working as scientists on a research station in Antarctica (I am a penguin expert and run a penguin resuce hear with the mustangs). I am definitley a girly-girl, love Disney Princesses, and of coarse penguins!!! We are building a treehouse for the girls and I was thinking they could sleep in little hammocks, wouldn’t that be cute? So I am doing the nursery in a safari penguin mustang NBA theme, in the treehouse.

Anyway wat do you think would be good names for my girls?

April and fools to start with…:wink:

:? :expressionless:

i came hear to talk about names for my girls, dunno what you mean

Hehe. [name]Man[/name] might give real trolls a reason to type here today though…

This made me laugh. :slight_smile:

Call me crazy, but I’m not convinced.

Aww, [name]Winter[/name], you’re so lucky! Four little pink dolls! I would call them [name]Belle[/name] and [name]Cassidy[/name] and [name]Shelby[/name] and [name]Sierra[/name]! And [name]Ethan[/name] sounds soooooooo dreeeeeamy!!! :wink:

([name]Man[/name], I laughed soooo hard at your post, I spat juice all over my boyfriend!)

Yah I really like [name]Cassidy[/name] but my friend… I mean my friend’s daughter is named Kastity and I think it might be too close?

[name]Shelby[/name] is the name of one of the penguins. I have trained her to ride bareback on the mustangs at the halftime show at [name]Ethan[/name]'s games, it’s so cute! And the money we make lets us buy moar penguins or maybe a seal?

Well, some wild west names are: [name]Jessie[/name] (From [name]Toy[/name] [name]Story[/name]!) and another website recommended Zylphia! I think they’re a perfect sibset!

[SIZE=1]Best [name]April[/name] Fool’s joke I’ve seen all day.[/SIZE]

Hahahaha. Awesome.

Oh yes definitely Zylphia! Anything with a Y is very glamouros and unique!

Also for feeding I was trying to find one of these but it actuall onyl has 4 heads and doesn’t come in pink so not sure wat to do somebody help plssssssss

I think it would be cute if you made their middle names all sort of after you!

[name]Una[/name] [name]Spring[/name], [name]Tamsin[/name] [name]Winter[/name], [name]Trinity[/name] [name]Autumn[/name], [name]Delta[/name] [name]Summer[/name], & Quinnley [name]Season[/name]

Ehmmalee, Kaeysin, Naveyah, Mahkehnna, and Maddysin.

Lol. Hysterical.

This is too funny! Can’t stop laughing! I love all the misspellings and grammatical errors in your OP, too. :wink:

For a wild west theme, I always think of Cool Hand [name]Luke[/name]. I understand you are having girls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a boy name! I would still name one of them [name]Luke[/name], but you could always spell it Lewyk if you want it to look feminine and beautiful.

What about Machenzie?

I agree with norskelove, i think Lewky is soo feminine and soo pretty. Machenzie and Lewky look sooooo perfect together! I also think [name]Summer[/name], because your name is [name]Winter[/name], and that would be so awesome. Everyone would get it, y’know???

([name]Blade[/name], you never fail to make me laugh. Especially when I’m at home sick)

This is the best.

Basketteball Espn, [name]Butch[/name] [name]Sundance[/name], Mustang [name]Happy[/name] Feet, [name]Cinderella[/name] [name]Aurora[/name] [name]Briar[/name] [name]Rose[/name], and Mumble Popper would be a cute sibset!!

oooh these are such good suggestions maybe I should set up a pole?

Hey, I have some extra kewl names that are so unique! [name]Do[/name] you know that any boys’ name can be spelled in a way that makes it perfect for a girl? These make great [name]Wild[/name] [name]West[/name] names!

[name]Ki[/name] (Pronounced [name]Kai[/name])
Dreux ([name]Drew[/name])
Raedyn ([name]Even[/name] though it’s correct spelling, [name]Raiden[/name], is pronounced [name]RYE[/name]-den, but it looks and sounds so much better!)

Also, matchy sibsets are the best. My favorites are Kdyn, Raedyn, Xhaiden and Aaiden!

I have got to say, [name]Blade[/name], this is the best thing you have ever posted.

Bahahaahahahaha, blade, I love you. :slight_smile: