If you have a serious problem with Nameberry....

please address it with me and/or [name_f]Linda[/name_f] via email at pam@nameberry.com and linda@nameberry.com vs. airing it in public here or in one of the comments sections. As most of you know, we are two individuals who created this site based on ten name books we cowrote and run it with a tiny team who work in home offices. We are not a corporation and you’re talking to people for whom Nameberry represents a life’s work, not hired functionaries. We work very hard to create and maintain a site that addresses the needs and interests of baby namers and name lovers from all over the world, and if we fail in that mission, we want to hear your complaints personally and will work to address problems quickly and fairly or at least explain to your directly why we’ve chosen to do things as we have.

Hello, I didn’t know where else to post this, but the link for the name [name_f]Anais[/name_f] is broken, as when you press, it comes up with:

‘[name_f]ANAIS[/name_f] FOR A BOY OR GIRL’

If you click on any link, it takes you to the same page.

[name_m]Just[/name_m] thought I should let you know.

Thanks, [name_u]Aspen[/name_u]

I’ll get that fixed. This is a good place to post it or you can hit the help button and send us a note that way. Thanks!

I don’t know where to post this, but I was wondering where the name ticker at the top went. Has that been discontinued?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] @abohemianmind Yes, unfortunately the ticker has had to be discontinued for technical reasons. We miss it too!

Bummer. Thanks for the swift response!

I can’t seem to add names to my lists right now… usually when you are on a name page and click the pink list icon, it gives you a dropdown menu where you can choose which list to add the name to. But now, when I click on the icon there’s no dropdown, and instead it takes me to a page to create a new list. Thanks!

I have a question. It seems that the filter for searching names by gender/meaning/origin/etc. Is gone from the home page. Maybe it’s just me? I use a kindle [name_m]Fire[/name_m]. There is the search bar to search a specific name, but I often like to search by meaning, and I am at a loss. Thank you.

@cequimby A few other users have reported this problem and I have notified tech support. Thanks for taking the time to flag it!

@jaderain Can you see the option for “Advanced Search” next to the search bar on the homepage? If so, click that and all the filters you mention are still there. If not, it could be that your device and/or browser is not displaying the Advanced Search option for some reason.

Thanks for responding. I checked on my laptop and the advanced search option is there. I don’t know why it doesn’t show on my kindle. Is it a new format? The Advance search used to be located on the right of my screen. Anyway, problem solved. I’ll use the laptop if I need to use the filters.


I am having trouble with accessing the “my stuff” page! :expressionless:

Why are threads pointing out issues with NB continuously deleted without the issues being resolved? Very sneaky and unprofessional.

Can you give examples of what you’re talking about? Most of the moved/deleted threads and posts are 1) spammers, 2) from members who are “fake” or who repeatedly violate the rules, or 3) moved to another board here on Nameberry that is more appropriate (for example a lot of newbies post on this forum for name advice, and I tell them this one is for site suggestions/technical issues and move the thread to a more appropriate place). I don’t know of any cases where a thread is deleted to evade paying attention to what is being said.

Is it just me or did the embedded links to names disappear? It seems older threads still have the links, but newer posts and newer threads threads don’t. I started noticing this late last week. Have the links been disabled/discontinued? Or was this a setting I accidentally turned off?

They disappeared for me too! :frowning:

Is anyone else unable to link to other sites when creating a thread?

I’m unable to provide examples because the threads have been deleted. Users have been posting in this sub-forum for almost a decade complaining about the excessive, intrusive, and obnoxious ads. Nothing is ever done. The threads just conveniently disappear after a certain period of time.

There was a long-running thread documenting NB’s history of racist, homophobic, and otherwise insulting descriptions of names in the database. This too has been deleted.

@southern.maple I can assure you that deleting critical threads is certainly not something we on the moderation team would ever do, nor have we ever been instructed to do anything like that.

I will definitely be following this up with the site creators, but if you could provide me with any more info about the threads you remember (I know it’s difficult if you can no longer find them!) that would really help me to look into this. Original poster, rough month/year of first or last post, etc.

Thinking about it, I actually think I’ve sent a link to the second thread you mentioned (or one very like it) to the creators in the past, so I’ll also have a good trawl through my email “Sent” folder to see if I can find it.

As for the ads, it is something we’re trying hard to improve. It’s really difficult because each individual visitor’s experience of ads on the site is different: the ads each person sees depends on a whole host of factors, none of which is controlled internally. We need detailed information from people experiencing problematic ads to block the specific sites behind them — please see the relevant pinned post for more info on this.

ETA: @southern.maple The thread in my “Sent” folder was from 2018, so I’m guessing it’s not that, but I did a search and found one from 2013, with 14 pages of posts, called “Descriptions that rub us the wrong way” (you’ll need to do a Google search, unfortunately, because of the links problem).

Is that the one? If so, it’s very much still there and, as you can see from comments on that thread from the creators themselves, many of the descriptions have been updated accordingly.

I also started a new thread on this very topic at the end of 2018; you can search for “Database entries you’d like to see amended”. I didn’t get too many responses, but the ones I did I looked into and amended at the time where appropriate.