If you were an X, what kind would you be?

Ok, I’m going to try a @Fernyx style game.

This one is for REAL answers. As in, what you actually think would suit you.

The question: if you were an X, what kind would you be?
Fill it with any position, job, role, etc.
E.g. doctor, teacher, designer, artist, athelete, etc, etc, etc.

I’ll start.

If you really were a doctor, what kind would you be?


I would be a psychiatrist, which was actually a very real career consideration for me.

If you actually were a teacher, what kind would you be?

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I’d teach linguistics.

If you were a shopkeeper, what kind would you be?

I’d own and run a small bookshop!

If you were a visual artist, what sort of art would you do?


I’d do pencil drawing.

If you were a lawyer, what kind would you be?

Environmental lawyer

If you were a writer, what type would you be?

I would be a children’s book writer.

If you were a dancer, what type would you be?


If you were an actor, what type (genre) would you be?

Historical drama!

If you were a musician, what kind of music would you focus on?

I would do musical theatre!

If you were a journalist, what would you specialise in?

Hard to choose: personal interest stories, tech, or the foreign beat.

If you were a farmer, what type would you be?

A shepherd, does that count?

If you were an artist, what type would you be?

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Graphic artist, a cartoonist

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I’ve always been torn between invisibility and being able to talk to animals. I think I’d go for invisibility, though!

If you were a scientist, what kind would you be?

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I would work in biodiversity in plants.

If you were a teacher, what subject would you teach?

Languages! This is actually my plan in a few years’ time.

If you were a taste-tester, what would you be tasting?

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If you were an Historian, what period of history would you specialise in?

Post-exilic [name_u]Israel[/name_u]

If you were an animator, which part of a movie/show would you want to work on?

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I have no skills in animating. But I’d be the guy in the ideas room storyboarding.

If you were an athlete, what kind what you be?


If you were a singer, what music genre would you sing?