If you were going to have triplets, what gender would you like them to be?

I would like mine to be g/g/b !

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Assuming they were my only kids at that point, then B/B/G!

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If I could choose, I’d say three girls. :relaxed:


G/g/b definitely!! That’s my ideal split for any kids too so definitely what I want in triplets!

all girls definitely,


GGB. I already have a boy so it’d be a nice balance.

Three girls definitely :two_hearts:


Either g/g/b or g/g/g :heart:

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If I got to choose, I’d probably prefer g/g/b or g/g/g. But I’m sure I’d love & have a great time with whatever combo I ended up with :heart:

B/B/G I want a boy and husband wants a girl

All girls or BBG

If I was able to choose, today I would pick B/B/G or all girls :slight_smile: I would love to have a daughter, and I have known a few men who were the only sons and I would like to avoid this! So if I had the choice, I would have two sons or all girls.

If they were my only children I’d want b/b/g like the combination I have now.
If they were in addition to the children I have then I’d want g/g/b so that Id have 3 boys and 3 girls in all.

I’d like three of the same, so either BBB or GGG (no preference).

It really wouldn’t matter, but if I had to choose I’d say three girls.


I already have 1 girl, so then I’d have 2 of each. But also, really dont wany triplets because then Id have to get a new car lol


I would like 2 boys and a girl! I think it would be the perfect balance

1 boy 2 girls,

Two of one, one of the other. GGB would be easier as my partner and I like more girls names than boys! Naming 3 boys would be such a struggle. More than gender though, I would hope that none of them would be identical, because a lot of people don’t treat identical siblings as individuals.

3 girls :smiling_face: