I'm having some SERIOUS character name problems


Before I start on your names and some new suggestions, I have a question for you. [name]Will[/name] the middle names actually come in to play in the story? I’m a writer as well, and personally, I do not use middle names most of the time in a story, sometimes for a backround of the character I’ll create one, but very rarely is it actually used, therefore, usually does not matter much. I think middle names on characters are useful sometimes, but seems forced into the story more often then not. That’s just my opinion and I was curious if you are looking for middles for backround or the actual story. On to what you are looking for now!

[name]Elli[/name]- Although I do prefer [name]Ellie[/name], I think [name]Elli[/name] works just fine. And I do think it could be used as a full name. However you might want to take into consideration of name trends of the time period from when she is supposed to be born in. If the story is taken place now, figure the early 90’s. If you want a full name, some suggestions to use [name]Elli[/name] as a n.n.: [name]Emily[/name], [name]Eleanor[/name]/[name]Elinor[/name], [name]Elizabeth[/name], [name]Danielle[/name], [name]Michelle[/name], [name]Kelly[/name], [name]Gabrielle[/name]. Any full name that has an ‘el’ sound it in basically. I like the sound of [name]Emily[/name] n.n. [name]Elli[/name] [name]Piper[/name] for this character. [name]Rose[/name] works just fine for a middle name.

[name]Lucy[/name], LSD- I don’t like the name [name]Lucy[/name] with [name]Elli[/name], it’s too much ‘ee’ sound to read/say in my opinion. [name]Lauren[/name] came to mind, but [name]Laurel[/name] would be cool, but doesn’t give the same vibe as [name]Lucy[/name]. I think [name]Lucy[/name] and the LSD reference is way too Beatle heavy, especially if you end up going with [name]Eleanor[/name]. But if you don’t go with [name]Lucy[/name], the LSD reference might get lost… So, I’m not sure. I guess my suggestion would be [name]Lucy[/name] then, even though I don’t like reading the two names together. So you can have the initials you’re looking for, some suggestions for middles: [name]Sabrina[/name], [name]Sabina[/name], [name]Sara/name/[name]Sadie[/name], Sharay, [name]Saffron[/name], [name]Samantha[/name], [name]Sapphire[/name], [name]Scarlett[/name], [name]Seanna[/name], [name]Sierra[/name], [name]Serena[/name]. Last name’s that sound like they could be first names: [name]Digby[/name], Denvor, [name]Dacy[/name] (not if you go with [name]Lucy[/name]), [name]Dale[/name], [name]Damian[/name]. I like [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Sierra[/name] Denvor or [name]Laurel[/name] [name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Dacy[/name].

[name]Lillie[/name]- I’d switch it. [name]Violet[/name] would work. Instead of [name]Martha[/name] about [name]Marta[/name], has a little more edge to it I think. As for middles you can use just about anything. If you really like [name]Lillie[/name], you can stick in the middle somewhere. You said two middle names, do you have a last name, I’m assuming it’s a Japanese last name. [name]Do[/name] you want any of her middle names to be Japanese as well? I think she’s the tougher of the bunch, name wise. Need some more info to suggest full names. As for first though, I think I’d go with [name]Violet[/name] (shy [name]Violet[/name] kinda works for her personality, although I’ve never met a ‘shy’ drummer, lol) or [name]Marta[/name]. I’m really like that name for some reason.

[name]Beatrix[/name] is awesome. Not huge on [name]Nessa[/name], especially with [name]Beatrix[/name]. Maybe just Ness or [name]Tess[/name]? Neither is hippie or nature-y though. Hmm… Again, I have to ask, is middle names really that important to your story?

Lastly, Hellena/[name]Francie[/name]/[name]Astrid[/name]- Go with [name]Francie[/name]. It’s fun and spunky and a little tough, but works on a regual kind of girl too I think. [name]Francis[/name] as the full name obviously for her, I think [name]Francesca[/name] would be too much for her. If she’s the band manager, even if she’s nice and gets along with just about everyone, she has to have an edge and a little toughness to her too, otherwise, she won’t make it in the music world, nor will her band with her. I’m loving [name]Francie[/name]…

Well, I guess middle names aren’t THAT Important, But some of them do come into play ha.

I’ve decided that [name]Elli[/name]'s full name shall be [name]Elli[/name]…(By the way naming trends don’t matter XD, This is a VERY alternate universe story ha)

[name]Lauren[/name]/[name]Laurel[/name] is still Beatle related in my mind ,And I don’t really like them,( I know the whole [name]Lucy[/name]/LSD thing is a bit much…But yet I love it at the same time XD ERG! ) I know the two ee- sounds…That kind of annoys me but doesn’t at the same time XD,I just REALLY love [name]Lucy[/name] for her And I REALLY like [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Scarlett[/name].

I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Violet[/name] [name]Marta[/name] :smiley: , Truthfully Her character really isn’t finish yet. :roll:

[name]Beatrix[/name] goes by by middle name in some of the story XD…I’ve decided on [name]Beatrix[/name] [name]Lilac[/name] [name]Nessa[/name] , I for some reason really adore [name]Beatrix[/name] [name]Nessa[/name] :lol:

[name]Francie[/name] [name]Astrid[/name] Hellena sounds amazing XD. I really think I’ll grow to love that name on her once her character develops more(I keep on slightly changing her XD)…I really love [name]Francie[/name]…

Thanks ye ^-^ You’ve helped Me.

[name]Lillie[/name]-transformed into-[name]Catherine[/name] [name]Juliet[/name] ([name]Cat[/name])
[name]Lucy[/name]-transformed into-[name]Luna[/name] [name]Samara[/name] (Sometimes called “Bloody [name]Mary[/name]” for her quick/harsh judgement/anger issues?)
Beatrix_Nessa-Transformed into-[name]Beatrix[/name] [name]Eve[/name] [name]Nessa[/name]
Hellena/[name]Francie[/name]/[name]Astrid[/name]/I don’t know-transformed into-[name]Evelyn[/name] [name]Astrid[/name]
[name]Elli[/name] [name]Rose[/name] [name]Piper[/name]-Transformed into-[name]Eleni[/name] [name]Natalia[/name] [name]Piper[/name]

I hope this helps