Imrie for girl

What do you think about using [name]Imrie[/name] as a girls name???
Her sister’s name is [name]Esmae[/name] so it would be [name]IMRIE[/name] and [name]ESMAE[/name].

[name]Imrie[/name] is a very pretty-sounding name and fits in well with [name]Esmae[/name]. For me, though, pretty as [name]Imrie[/name] is, it feels like a shortened form of something. There probably aren’t many names from which do could get [name]Imrie[/name], but I would keep looking. What about [name]Cimarron[/name]? It fits well with [name]Esmae[/name] and you could, theoretically, make it [name]Imrie[/name].

I see it working, but it does remind me of the Hungarian male name [name]Imre[/name] and [name]Alanis[/name] Morissettes son’s name [name]Ever[/name] [name]Imre[/name]. Since that is such an unknown name, I don’t see there being a problem. The [name]Em[/name] and Im of the two names may be a little too similar, but I guess that can be a common similarity they would share.

Goodluck choosing a name!

I really like it… simple but sweet

I love [name]Imrie[/name]. It’s so cute. [name]Imrie[/name] and [name]Esmae[/name] sound good together to me

I think they sound good together but I wonder if the structure is too similar, what you’re setting yourself up for in the future. it might be hard finding another girls’ name that fits the pattern.

I like it. [name]Imrie[/name] reminds me of the Slovak name, Imriška.

[name]Imrie[/name] sounds very masculine next to [name]Esmae[/name]. What about [name]Omri[/name]? Still a boy’s name but a softer sound