What are your thoughts on Inara?

Inara is the name of a character on the short-lived television series from 2002 Firefly!!! (Also became a movie: [name]Serenity[/name].)

The show is amazing and Inara is a gorgeous name. =)

Yes, although Inara was quite an irritating character (to me) in a great show, if there’s a real-life Inara, I could see using it.

I actually have a very good friend named Inara (born 1981). I’ve always thought her name was beautiful, but most people actually think she is saying “[name]Anora[/name]” or “[name]Aurora[/name]” and she is constantly having to correct people. Of course…it doesn’t help that Inara’s sister is named [name]Laura[/name]!

Overall though, I think it is a beautiful name! :smiley:

Aha, I thought of Firefly as well! You may want to look it up though. It was very short lived but had enough of a fan base to make a movie afterwards. Inara is the, um, local courtesan I guess you would say. I think the sounds is very pretty though.

I have a friend named Inara! She is 15. I don’t think she likes her name but I think that is only because she is VERY tomboyish. She wanted us all to call her [name]Rae[/name] when we met her but it didn’t catch on so she doesn’t insist on it.
I think it is very pretty personally but it’s kind of hard to imagine it on any one because of her. Haha.

I love the name Inara – it is so beautiful! I think it would age very well. I hope you decide to use it. :slight_smile: