Incorperating your family heritage?

I’m nowhere near havng kids, but I was just wondering if any of you are planning to (or have) incorperated your family heritage into your childrens names?

I definitely did–our son has a well-known Irish name for his mn ([name]Patrick[/name]) to go with my DH’s Irish heritage. Our daughter has a popular Russian name for her mn ([name]Catherine[/name] has been used in my family for centuries) to go with my Russian heritage.

Definitely! My son’s name is Irish and Scottish, and whenever I have a daughter, her name will be Swedish.

Then again, I’m a huge hodge-podge of ethnicities, so I certainly can’t use them all! I pick and choose those most important to me.

I choose to use [name]Marie[/name] as one of my daughters middles names as it is my middle name, my mums, my nanas, my aunts & my cousins!! haha…but also because I think its a very pretty name with a nice meaning.
my second due in 2 months time will have [name]Esme[/name] as one of her middle names. this was her dads [name]Nana[/name]'s middle name.
I like the idea of using family names if they are significant to you but only if you love them & the meaning is nice to you too.