Infant Bucket Car Seat

I need to buy a new infant bucket car seat.

Favourites, dislikes, recommendations?

Graco Snugride 35 DLX is what I’ve used for all three of mine.
[name_f]My[/name_f] sister just got the [name_u]Maxi[/name_u] Cosi Mico 30 and it looks really nice and comfy too.

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I used the Graco (?) click connect Snugride 30. It was easy to install and to disconnect from the base, which was very helpful for us first time parents lol. Our son comfortably used it for around a year.

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I have a Graco 35, thought I bought it for my last pregnancy and it would last for this one but must have got it to replace the one I had 3 pregnancies ago. Needless to say it’s expired. I heavily researched pros and cons at the time but now need one soon. I remember the 35 could hold a baby 5 pounds heavier. Lightweight would be beneficial.

I used a Babytrend Ally-35 and didmt really like it – too many rules about how to use it properly and the puzzle piece style buckle was such a pain! Her convertible seat is Cosco brand and I like it much better! It feels sturdier too.

[name_m]Can[/name_m] you just buy a second base for the graco you have?

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Unfortunately ours expired, I kept the base hoping it will work for our new model.

Bases expire too unfortunately! Have you seen Car Seats for the Littles they have a website with reviews and a facebook group where techs will help you choose a seat.

I thought that was the case but was confirming with Graco before tossing. It didn’t fit the updated model so didn’t bother asking.