Infant Loss/Nicu Milestones/SupportGifts

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I’m looking to start my own baby gift/support business and I’m looking for feedback to the following…

I am looking for gift ideas for families who’ve experienced infant loss through miscarriages or stillborn. What do you suggest? If you’ve experienced this what would bring you healing? Preferably gifts will be homemade but any suggestions or ideas work. Can be an Individual gift or box full of support items and memorial presents. Rainbow baby gifts? How would you want your childs memory to be honored?

As many children who spend time in the nicu don’t always reach the same milestones and life celebrations as others. As other babies celebrate crawling and talking, nicu babies milestones are more “I survived my first surgery “ I’m breathing on my own” . What are those milestones for you and your baby that deserve to be recognized and celebrated?

What other gift ideas or support items would you recommend for any new parent? What did you need during these times? Is there anything else you feel would fit in this line of business you’d like to add?

Thank you


That is a wonderful idea. I myself have not experienced this (as I am 14), neither have my parents, but I do know people who have experienced this.

I think rainbow baby gifts are a great idea, there’s also angel baby (for the child lost), and sunshine baby (the ‘calm before the storm’ as the baby born before a miscarriage or still birth, or neonatal death).

Fore the babies in NICU I would reccomend maybe a personalized book of milestones, (sorry guys if this contains triggers and I know these are sensitive topics) something like “date when Jaundice is gone” or “date when (insert baby’s name here) is off his ventilator and breathing on his/her own!”

Keep on with this noble idea. Thank you.


An organization near me makes little stuffed lions from the lost child’s clothing. I think that is a very sweet thing.