Initials "BM"

I have always loved the name [name]Briar[/name] but my married last name starts with M. While we would try to include her middle name in her initials, I know that there will be times that the initials BM will appear.

I have loved this name so much, I’m just now realizing the connotations that go with the initials “BM”

What are your thoughts?

We’ve had this discussion before on namberry and the concensous was that its no big deal. :slight_smile:


No problem! Good luck! :slight_smile:

I bet you could do a search on the boards of “BM” to find that thread and read some of what people had written.
I know there was one from a girl who had the initials BM and she said it was okay. :slight_smile:

I think the only people who would see “bowel movement” with BM would be health care workers. I use it all the time, so I see the issue, but most people wouldn’t even think about it. Especially if she has a middle initial to off set it. My son ended up with the initials ELK, totally not on purpose and nobody ever points it out.

So glad to see this post, as my married name also begins with M, and we were looking at several first names that start with B. At the moment I feel like as long as there is a middle initial in-between, it’s no big deal. I rarely use just my first and last initials, and if they were B and M, I would just always use all three initials. For whatever that’s worth…

I agree that it’s no big deal. I know quite a few people with BM intials (not to mention BS initials), and they’re all happy, well-adjusted people.

Take care!

Hmm as a nurse, this is juts horrible to me. When I worked in a nursing home, “BM” was something I said 14,49584985 times a day.

I am a “BM” its never been an issue for me good luck !!

I think as long as you never mention it again, most people would never notice!! Whatever you do, don’t say '[name]Even[/name] though the initials will be BM…" My initials are ER and as we are thinking of names my sister-in-law said, just don’t go with E, then it will be an ER baby. I laughed and said those are my initials, too and I’ve never thought of it. She laughed and said she hadn’t put that on me either. I’m telling you this story because I think in the whole naming process people are super careful about everything, when in reality most people don’t think about your name that much.

Avoid it. There was a girl in my class whose initials were BM, and she went through torture (especially when our science teacher, not realizing she had a girl whose initials were BM in the class, made a comment that BM was a euphemism for bowel movement) about her name.

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