Interesting international names... Wdyt???

I was bored and decided to look through my facebook for names… I used to live in Mexico so I have a lot of ex-students etc. on there… I (re) discovered some interesting names… what do you think??? Which ones do you like/hate?


[name]Cielo[/name] (see-ay-low)

[name]Graciela[/name] (grass-E-L-[name]AH[/name])






[name]Anali[/name] ( ana-lee)



[name]Mayela[/name] (my-L-ah)

Nayelli (nye-L-E)

[name]Rocio[/name] ( roe-see-oh)

I think [name]Anali[/name], Nayelli, and [name]Graciela[/name] are pretty!! I don’t like [name]Rocio[/name], [name]Jesenia[/name], [name]Ivette[/name], [name]Lizette[/name], or [name]Alma[/name]. The others are just ok. I love hearing different names though. Thanks for the post.

[name]Alma[/name] - I work with a woman named this, who has kind of ruined it for me. Otherwise I think its very cute and sweet.
[name]Cielo[/name] (see-ay-low) - Dont like… [name]Way[/name] too hard to pronounce.
[name]Graciela[/name] (grass-E-L-[name]AH[/name]) - Same as above.
[name]Ariadna[/name] - I like this one. But I also love [name]Ariadne[/name], so I guess its not a suprise.
[name]Marisol[/name] - This ones okay. Dont love it, but dont hate it.
Vian - Uh nope. Dont like.
[name]Ivette[/name] - Eh. Its not horrible.
[name]Lizette[/name] - This is quite cute.
[name]Anali[/name] ( ana-lee) - I know an adorable little girl named this. I love it.
[name]Jesenia[/name] - Its okay.
[name]Mariza[/name] - Is this like mar-eet-za? Or mar-eeza? I like it if its the first way.
[name]Mayela[/name] (my-L-ah) - Dont like. Its like you’re just saying “my [name]Ella[/name].”
Nayelli (nye-L-E) - Dont like.
[name]Rocio[/name] ( roe-see-oh) - Dont like.

I love [name]Graciela[/name] and [name]Ariadna[/name]! I like [name]Lizette[/name] (but slightly prefer [name]Lisette[/name]), [name]Ivette[/name], [name]Cielo[/name], [name]Jesenia[/name], and [name]Alma[/name], too.

I knew a little girl names [name]Cielo[/name]…but she said it “CEE-el-o” She was also quite non-Mexican, so that might account for the different pronunciation :slight_smile:

I live in a city with a lot of Hispanics and see lots of great names from Mexico/Mexican culture. I know a few Marisols (“MAH dee sol” is the best way I can describe the prn ) and would really like the name if it wasnt for a bad name association. I always thought it was interesting that in my experience I know a tons of hispanic [name]Yvette[/name]'s, [name]Yvonne[/name]'s and [name]Lisette[/name]'s but hardly any French ones but the names arent that fashionable there so I think thats why.

From this list I like
[name]Marisol[/name] -

[name]Anali[/name] is too close to Anal for me but I have a friend from Mexico named [name]Anel[/name] ([name]Ah[/name] [name]NELL[/name]/uh [name]NELL[/name]) which doesnt bother me at all lol

I really like [name]Alma[/name] and [name]Ivette[/name]. The are not too common but not too out there. I think they are a really nice balance and could fit in well with a lot of other names.

[name]Alma[/name] - A little old fashioned but then again all those names seem to be coming back!

[name]Cielo[/name] (see-ay-low) - It’s ok. I just think of it as a Spanish word.

[name]Graciela[/name] (grass-E-L-[name]AH[/name]) - If I knew nothing about the name, I’d see it as someone trying to make the girliest name ever. [name]Gracie[/name] + [name]Ella[/name] = overly cutesy [name]IMO[/name]. But that being said, it’s not too bad.

[name]Ariadna[/name] - It’s ok. I like [name]Ariadne[/name] better.

[name]Marisol[/name] - NMS but I kinda like it.

Vian - Seems incomplete, like a nn for [name]Vivian[/name].

[name]Ivette[/name] - Meh.

[name]Lizette[/name] - [name]Kinda[/name] like it…

[name]Anali[/name] ( ana-lee) - I think this is too close to “anally” for my taste. Lots of teasing potential once kids learn that word.

[name]Jesenia[/name] - Actually I love the name Senia. It’s my BFF’s name. I don’t really like the [name]Jesenia[/name] or [name]Yesenia[/name] versions.

[name]Mariza[/name] - It’s ok but I prefer [name]Marissa[/name].

[name]Mayela[/name] (my-L-ah) - [name]Kinda[/name] like it.

Nayelli (nye-L-E) - It’s ok.

[name]Rocio[/name] ( roe-see-oh) - [name]Don[/name]'t like it for some reason.

I like:
[name]Graciela[/name] (grass-E-L-[name]AH[/name])
[name]Anali[/name] ( ana-lee)
[name]Mayela[/name] (my-L-ah)
Nayelli (nye-L-E)

I’ve only seen Nayelli spelled as [name]Nayeli[/name], so I’m guessing it’s a variation. It’s meaning is what really drew me to it (“I love you” in the Zapotec languages).

same as teacherma, I’ve only seen Nayelli spelled as [name]Nayeli[/name]. Beautiful meaning by the way, looks like a [name]Valentine[/name]'s [name]Day[/name] name :slight_smile:

[name]Alma[/name] - is spanish for word “Soul”. I think this name is kind of spiritual and heavy. I think it’s very feminine that it both starts and ends with an A :slight_smile:

[name]Cielo[/name] (see-ay-low) - is spanish word for both “[name]Heaven[/name]” and “[name]Sky[/name]”. [name]Lovely[/name] name. Makes me think in “[name]Blue[/name] [name]Sky[/name]”.

[name]Graciela[/name] (grass-E-L-[name]AH[/name]) - It has a beautiful sound in spanish. Much better than [name]Gabriela[/name] because doesn’t have that strong sound of BR part in spanish.

[name]Ariadna[/name] - Beautiful name. I just dislike the spanish sound of DN, so that’s why I think that [name]Ariana[/name] or [name]Arianna[/name] sound much better in spanish.

[name]Marisol[/name] - Makes me think in [name]Mar[/name]-Y-[name]Sol[/name] (spanish for Sea-And-[name]Sun[/name]). I will use this name in a girl that lives near of the beach.

Vian - It’s the first time I see this name. I like it because I saw a name in a cloth tag brand that was Vianny and has been returning to my mind for some reason.

[name]Ivette[/name] - Usable. But I have seen a lot more [name]Lizette[/name]'s than [name]Ivette[/name]'s.

[name]Lizette[/name] - Very fashionable. It’s just that I dislike how names ending in -ET, -ETTE sound in spanish. But many mexicans love them and use them, as thetxbelle said before.

[name]Anali[/name] ( ana-lee) - I think that names in spanish ending in -I sound tenderly. It sounds beautiful in spanish. I used to consider it for a children but my husband doesn’t care about this name.

[name]Jesenia[/name] - I have seen it spelled as [name]Yesenia[/name], and I like much better the way you have it!!! Looks more sophisticated. I don’t think that anybody is pronouncing this name different in either ways, so I don’t see an issue in this name.

[name]Mariza[/name] - I have an aunt using nn [name]Marisa[/name], although I honestly like more [name]Marissa[/name]. I attended junior-high with a [name]Maritza[/name]. I have come to learn that Mayan and Nahuatl languages has a lot of names using TZ.

[name]Mayela[/name] (my-L-ah) - I dislike this name as a feminization of [name]Mario[/name] because I think that’s why [name]Maria[/name] is for. I don’t like it’s sound either. But it’s widely used, many people has this name. I have a friend that has it as her middle name.

Nayelli (nye-L-E) - I’d rather [name]Nayeli[/name]. Girl’s names in spanish ending with I sounds tenderly most of the times.

[name]Rocio[/name] ( roe-see-oh) - spanish word for dew. I like it because I have a close friend with that name. It also has a nice sound.

All these names are widely known except for Vian.

[name]Alma[/name]- Very pretty. I love this and would consider using it if I have another girl- also like [name]Althea[/name].
[name]Cielo[/name]- I think [name]Green[/name]
[name]Graciela[/name]- Pretty but nms- would love to hear this over the common [name]Grace[/name]
[name]Ariadna[/name]- I don’t like the sound of this name
[name]Marisol[/name]- Such a gorgeous name!
Vian- eh
[name]Ivette[/name]- I like [name]Yvette[/name] spelling better, I considered [name]Yvette[/name] when I was pregnant- love it.
[name]Lizette[/name]- Cute. Very cute -ette name.
[name]Anali[/name]- can’t get over the ‘anal’ thing. not for me.
[name]Jesenia[/name]- also a name I’ve always liked.
[name]Mariza[/name]- Very pretty with this spelling…I have known Marisas, but never with the z, gorgeous!
[name]Mayela[/name]- very pretty, but nms
Nayelli- see above
[name]Rocio[/name]- pretty sounding, but I don’t like the look of it and I think I would’ve mispronounced if you didn’t include pronunciation!