Interesting names from my family tree

I was doing some research on my heritage last night and I came across a variety of names from my family tree. I found tons of biblical names ([name]Elijah[/name], [name]John[/name], [name]Zachariah[/name], [name]Elisha[/name], [name]Elizabeth[/name], [name]Mary[/name], ect.) I decided to share with everyone names I found interesting, names I liked, and names I didn’t realize are “old” names. I know gender on most of these names but there are a few on the bottom that didn’t have any indicators of gender. I am adding birth years and nicknames where I have the info.

[name]Canada[/name] “[name]Cannie[/name]” (b 1884)
Garnie (b 1905)
A B [name]Happy[/name] (b 1935)
[name]Napoleon[/name] (b 1874)
[name]Nimrod[/name] (b 1784)
Masias (b 1769)
Buffalo (b 1883)
Alamander (b 1863)
McClennand “Clenen” (b 1886)
[name]Ambrose[/name] (b 1798)
[name]Kelley[/name] “Kell” (b 1908)
[name]Preston[/name] (b 1857)
[name]Ireland[/name] (b 1884)
[name]Morgan[/name] (b 1886)

Girls (tried to make them pink but wouldn’t let me make all of them pink):
[name]Velva[/name] (b 1915)
Candicia “Dicey” (b 1750)
[name]Stella[/name] (b 1911)
[name]Clarinda[/name] “[name]Wren[/name]” (b 1854)
[name]Corbett[/name] (b 1897)
[name]Grace[/name] (b 1664)
[name]America[/name] (b 1867)
[name]Manerva[/name] “Nervie” (b 1852)
Freelove (b 1712)
Amilla “[name]Milly[/name]” (b 1798)

Not 100& sure of gender on these names:
[name]Cherry[/name] (b 1683, probably female)
[name]Anderson[/name] (b 1854, probably male)
[name]Larkin[/name] (b 1767)

Wow, Freelove may find it hard to carry the name in this modern day. Alamander is interesting but add an “s” in front and you get salamander (a type of amphibian). [name]Nimrod[/name] is a Biblical name and used by some Jewish families (it’s a doctor’s name in my area). I love [name]Clarinda[/name] nn [name]Wren[/name] and Content would make a quirky mn. And being Canadian, how can I not admire a person named “[name]Canada[/name]”? Thanks for sharing your family tree!

Here are some that i have found in my family tree as well :slight_smile:

Harmidas (1877)
Karulius (1874)
[name]Ambrose[/name] (1863)
Smallwood (1825)
Alfonce (1911)
Thorston (1902)
[name]Melvin[/name] (1901)

[name]Mamie[/name] (1906)
Heleathe (1923)
Novie (1933)
[name]Cora[/name] (1882)
[name]Albina[/name] (1880)
[name]Kaja[/name] (1874)
Marriam (1851)
[name]Ida[/name] (1885)

Some very cool names! Sometimes I think the Internet has ruined naming in the sense that we over think things and worry too much about what other people think so we dont see many names like people find in their family trees anymore.

I love [name]Cora[/name]! And Novie is very cool. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Novie is my grandmother’s name.