Interesting Parenting Articles

Over the last few days, I just read 2 articles about Parenting on and I think you guys would be really interested in them.

5 Hallmarks of Bad Parenting that are Actually Good for Kids

The 5 Creepiest “Progressive” Parenting Fads

Take a read let me know what you’re opinion is!

I love! Lol I won’t be a parent for a while but these made an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

My opinion the 5 Creepiest Progressive Parenting Fads?

EDIT: I should probably expand my opinion beyond a picture of a computer soaring out of a window, although that does sum it up for me. :slight_smile:

Ranting in three… two… one… go!

I think the thing with the pipe is just horrible. It wouldn’t be OK to do that to a dog, or a cat, or a random person on the street, or a partner, so why a child??? What is wrong with those people??? Even if it doesn’t hurt them, it still sounds terrifying.

And the toddlers on poles… I don’t even know where to start with how crazy wrong that is. ><

I know! I remember watching the thing about the preacher who wrote that book about hitting kids with pipes. It’s pretty awful!

Hilarious! [name]Love[/name] this site!

Language warning for those who have never been to before and are sensitive to such things.

Thanks [name]Lucy[/name] for including that. I forget the warning. :slight_smile: