Intro Post! (Please read)

Hey guys! I figured I’d do an updated introduction post for no real reason just that I’m bored.

IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE HERE, PLEASE READ THIS. I am NOT claiming to have DID, OSDD, or any other type of dissociative disorder. I repeat, i am NOT saying i have DID/OSDD. I am also NOT claiming to be fully plural. That said, they are also not just daydream characters i have made up. Please do not send me hate saying i’m faking being a system, i am aware that i am not a system that originates from trauma and am not claiming to be. I am also NOT glorifying the trauma that comes with DID/OSDD. Please understand this.

So basically the point of this is to tell you guys that I have three (albeit partially formed, but still there) tulpas. I’m still in the process of forming them, so ill update you as we go! I’m not actually sure if I should describe them as tulpas, because they’re not fully sentient. They can’t talk, per se, I can get a general feel of what they would say and do in certain situations, though. They’re not just original characters and I do think of them as separate people from myself.

A tulpa is an entity that exists inside someones brain, has their own sense of self, and is believed to have a conscious which is separate from the host. The tulpa and host are two different minds living inside the brain they inhabit. Basically brain roommates. -urban dictionary

I made them for companionship and for stress management, and I think it’s helped!

This is mainly a post to tell you we exist and to give a basic intro on each headmate.

Also, please feel free to ask us questions, we’ll be genuinely happy to answer!

General stuff:

  • We prefer the terms headmates or thoughtforms over the term alters, because we’re not technically alters.
  • We also identify with the terms plural singlet and demi-plural. Maybe median system too, i’m not sure.
  • We also all respond to the name Caden and to they/them pronouns. That said, please respect who’s typing (not saying fronting, because the three of them cant front yet) and try to use their name.

Type of system:

  • Willogenic (a system that was created purposefully/willed into existence)
  • Parogenic (system that was created through thought-based or metaphysical means, usually deliberately)
  • Tuplagenic (a system that was formed through Tuplamancy)


Name: Caden

Pronouns: They/Ae/Fae/He/She (fluid between he and she, but the other ones are always okay)

Age: 15

Species: human

Purpose/role: Host (the most prominent headmate), Cores (are the part of the self that existed before the other parts came into being)

Personality traits: bookworm, open minded, kind, creative

Appearance: between shoulder and chin length blonde hair, grey eyes, pale skin, average height


I’m also the one writing this post. Most of you have met me already, but hi anyways! -Caden


Name: Marsh

Pronouns: He/They

Age: 16, almost 17

Species: Human

Purpose/role: Companion (self explanatory), Assidumate (a headmate that handles daily life tasks other members cannot do), Fragment (a headmate that is not fully differentiated or developed)

Personality Traits: honest, strong, kind, brave, intelligent, very responsible, creative, and a good speaker.

Appearance: short brown hair, hazel eyes, medium skin tone, freckles, glasses, and average height.


Hey! Caden had been understandably nervous about writing this post. I’m not telling you guys to be super nice and sugar coat stuff, but no unnecessary hate, please. It would be yet another burden on their mental health, and I’m not sure they could handle that. (not in a super bad way, it would simply add more stress to our lives) Nice to meet you guys! /gen /nm -Marsh

Also! I use tone tags, which help me to understand people’s tone of voice online. I’m not expecting you to use them when talking to us, though it would be nice if you did, i’m just letting you know. Below is a list of them. /lh /nm -Marsh


Name: Indigo (Indy)

Pronouns: Panpronomial (uses all pronouns)

Age: 20ish

Species: human

Purpose/role: Assidumate, Companion, Fragment

Personality traits: Loud, wild, carefree, pretty much shameless, bold, snarky, no filter, brave, brutally honest,

Appearance: Dark skin, dark blue hair, dark brown eyes, shorter then average height.


Uh. Marsh and Caden have pretty much already covered everything. Marsh is probably the one you’ll see most often, as Astrophel and i don’t talk much. We (Astrophel and i) are also the newest members. I hope to make some friends! -Indigo

oh, something i forgot to add is that Caden got the idea for my name off a post that was on here, we cant remember who posted it, though. thanks to whoever gave me my name! -also indigo

yet another thing is that i’m the one hitting send on this post, because the others are too nervous to do it. i say screw it, lets go! hello world! we exist! -indigo yet again


Name: Astrophel

Pronouns: Hy/Hym (pronounced like he/him) (or you can use he/they if the neopronouns are too much of a learning curve)

Age: Ageless

Species: Winged humanoid

Purpose/role: Companion, Assidumate, Fragment, Protector(alters who protect the body, system, host, core, or other specific headmates or groups of headmates)

Personality traits: serious, calm, intelligent, cold, observant, graceful,

Appearance: long white-blonde hair, light blue eyes, freckles, large white angel wings, taller then average height,


Astrophel doesn’t talk much, like Indigo said. Hy is the newest member, so hy’s still learning to function. We also don’t know a ton about hym. Hy says hi, though, even if we can’t quite hear hym! -Marsh

I edited several times to fix basic grammar and spelling stuff–apparently Marsh cannot type to save his life. /j -Caden