What are Invites? We now have Invite pages on our profiles.


If you look in the Badges, there are badges ‘Promoter’, ‘Campaigner’, and ‘Champion’ which can be earned by inviting new users to NB. That function was not available before, which is why no one has earned those badges. But it must be available now, which is cool!

I believe you simply share the link with friends you think might be interested in this site. :slight_smile:

(Also, I realize you addressed @katinka, so perhaps she can confirm my theory.)


Yes, it looks like you can now email a link to friends to grant them instant access to the site. Must be a new feature!

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Should we just send them a link, or is there another way to do it?

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If you go to Invites in your profile, you can send a link from there.

Click Invite

Then coy the link and send via email or instant message