Irrelevant answers only

The above user asks a question and you give an answer which has nothing to do with the question

I will start

What is your favourite month?

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What is your favorite food?

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It was a tough game, but I think [name_m]Leicester[/name_m] City really got it right at the end.

What’s your profession?


My favourite day of the week is probably [name_m]Saturday[/name_m].

What is your current favourite song?

No, I don’t think that paint color brings out your eyes.

What is your favorite holiday?

We don’t have the money or the time to go skiing.

Do you hate it when people talk past each other and don’t pay attention to questions from others?

Wow, that dress really suits you.

What did you eat for breakfast?

Hey, I got a 23 on that test, too!

How many pets do you own?

Margaret doesn’t, and you shouldn’t either. It’s in the bylaws.

Any answer but yes means that you ate blueberries for lunch yesterday, eh?

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Ja, ich bin ein apfel
(that still counts right…)

When was the last time you watched the sun rise?

Yeah, I agree with you.

Who’s your favorite actor?

Chocolate cake

How old are you?

To be or not to be, that is the question.


No, I told you, I do pottery class on [name_f]Wednesday[/name_f]!

Wait, what was the question?

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I’m too old… life passes so quickly.

[name_f]Hazel[/name_f], don’t you do pottery class on [name_f]Monday[/name_f]?


Do you like broccoli?

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I’m late for my day.:joy:

What’s the temperature like for you?

Delicious, I love the texture.

How was your day?

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I, too, love studying astrophysics!

What’s your favorite animal?

omg I had the weirdest dream about that last night!!

It was you that I saw at the shop yesterday, wasn’t it?