Irrelevant answers only

I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.

Where did you hide the kitten?

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Actually, you probably shouldn’t eat these cookies, they were made in a factory that uses nuts! Sorry.

[name_m]Will[/name_m] my mom be ok?

Coffee, even though well-liked, in my opinion, is not delicious.

Since uh when was there so much snow outside?!

The square root of 81 is obviously 9.

Where have your new earrings gone?

[name_f]Remember[/name_f], kids. Always wash your hands after washing your hands.

What am I?

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No! Never bite your toenails!?!?

Did Strawberry’s go extinct?

It’s hard to tell–most of that knowledge was erased centuries ago. But I’d say yes.

Which one’s heavier–a ton of bricks, or a ton of feathers?

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Pobody’s Nerfect

What is the most terrifying disease known to humanity?

Stop calling it “supposably”! It’s supposedly! Geez!

What’s 10 x 10?

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What did you just eat!?

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I can’t wait to go to the bookstore tomorrow!

It only hurt a little. No big deal.

What did you dream about last night?

No, [name_u]Mel[/name_u] [name_m]Gibson[/name_m] is a casinos big lemon.

What’s 9+10?

Brontophobia is the fear of thunderstorms.

How many bones are in the human body?

How should I know? I’m just a rocket scientist!

What are the seven continents?

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“Esposas” is Spanish both for “wives” and “handcuffs”.

[name_f]Do[/name_f] you agree that cockroaches shoukd have equal rights? They’ve been around since prehistoric times and survived that and they’re going to outlast all of us. Don’t you think it’s time we stop oppressing these bugs once and for all?


Actually dogs can have green eyes they are just quite rare. Sometimes [name_f]Hazel[/name_f] eyes appear green though. Chocolate labs can often be seen with [name_f]Hazel[/name_f] or green eyes.

What does Elentiya mean

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It’s not a REAL voodoo doll. It just looks like one! See, I just twist their limbs back and uh…oh no! Let’s just say this never happened okay?

Who is the first person to finish just seconds after a three-legged race? [name_m]Can[/name_m] they come forth?

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yes, it’s illegal. how many times do I have to tell you this.

Are you a man or a muppet?

Your instructions were unclear; I tried it and turned orange and was trapped in an aquarium because they thought I was a goldfish. 0/10 advice.

What is the worst name you can give a kid?

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