Is Annabeth too religious?

Hi guys, I’ve been eyeing this name for a while now and someone recommended it in the forums the other day so I’d thought I’d ask. Does this name seem too religious? Do you like it? I believe both Anna and Elizabeth are women in the New Testament and I wouldn’t want her name to be associated with it if that makes sense.

Sisters could be: Esther, Ida, May, Fern, Hollis, Nell, Winnie, Rowena? Ruthie?

I don’t get the religious connection, personally, so I’d say it’s not. It’s a pretty name; definitely ready for a comeback imo!

I’m not religious, but I don’t see any connection. I really like Annabeth! It’s feminine, strong, fresh and charming. Lovely name for a girl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I really like Annabeth! It doesn’t strike me as religious.

It doesn’t strike me as religious at all. In fact, my only association is the Percy Jackson character, which is related to Greek gods lmao.


Annabeth is not too religious at all! It’s a strong name with a lovely female role model and daughter of Athena behind it.


I was raised Christian and I don’t make the religious connection at all. This could just be me (considering I grew up with the books), but the Percy Jackson reference is immediate. Annabeth (in the books) is a wonderful character, but be prepared for lots of people asking about her namesake.

It would be less like naming a baby Mary Magdalene and more like naming a baby Hermione or Daenerys. If that doesn’t bother you, then it’s a beautiful name! And, again, it is a good character, so it’s not a bad connection!

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I honestly didn’t even notice the religious connection until you mentioned it, so I don’t think it’ll be an issue. It’s a pretty name. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t strike me as the least bit religious. Honestly, Anna and Elizabeth are such common names that they don’t even feel that religious to me. Besides, the name Annabeth itself isn’t in the Bible. I think you’re fine.

Of your list, Esther is the only one that feels religious in any way.

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Annabeth is sweet- I wouldn’t consider it religious

I really like Annabeth! To me it sounds a less popular alternative to Annabelle. It doesn’t strike me as being a religious name at all.

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I’m a Christian and I don’t consider it religious at all. Even Anna and Elizabeth don’t automatically make me think of the Bible. They don’t have the same religious weight to me as name’s like Eve, Delilah, Esther, etc. I think you’re totally fine.


Definitely not too religious! I love Annabeth (I also have the Percy Jackson link, but I love the name independent of that as well).

Esther and Ruth are more religious, in my opinion. And of those two I’d only think ‘huh, they might be religious’ if you used Esther.

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I definitely agree that Annabeth isn’t too religious. It honestly just reminds me of the Percy Jackson character (who’s awesome), and I think it’s a great name!

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Not religious at all! It also reminds me of the Percy Jackson character, but is not an uncommon name so the connection is not that strong. It’s not like naming you child Katniss.


I don’t think its religious at all

I don’t think it’s too religious at all, and there are lots of lovely nicknames that can come from it! As a sister, I LOVE Fern.

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Annabeth doesn’t feel overly religious to me, but Elizabeth and Anna don’t really either. Both names feel so widely used that I don’t really think “ah, religious!” when I hear them. Really, most popular biblical names don’t feel terribly religious to me.


never thought of annabeth as religious, just a beautiful name! Not associated with any saints or anything else either.

I don’t think that Annabeth has a religious connotation. There is an Elizabeth who is Mary’s aunt? I’m actually not sure about Anna. I was raised Catholic, and that’s the extent of my knowledge there so I don’t think most people would see it that way. I think religious names would be like Mary, Faith, Heaven?