Is Blair for a girl or a boy?

So I found out this morning we’re having a boy much to my shock! I thought for sure we were having a girl. Right now [name_u]Blair[/name_u] [name_m]Wilder[/name_m] is the top contender, but the other day when I mentioned it to a friend they were quick to tell me it was a girls name. Now I’m worried that if we do go with [name_u]Blair[/name_u] that he will constantly be teased and now I’m second guessing myself.

I think [name_u]Blair[/name_u]'s completely unisex. If I saw a [name_u]Blair[/name_u] on a school register, for example, I wouldn’t assume they were a girl, or assume they’re a boy.

I’d assume girl if I saw it, but you know what they say about assuming… I honestly don’t think it’s as big an issue as some people make it out to be. I grew up with a boy my age named [name_f]McKenna[/name_f] and he was never teased. In fact, he was the heartthrob of the fourth grade! Use the name you love, and raise your son to not think of femininity as an insult or a threat to his masculinity. Congrats!

I personally know more female Blairs, but I agree with eoxima that it leans unisex. Maybe you could consider [name_u]Blaine[/name_u]?

Gossip Girl might have influenced this a bit, since the prominent female character is named [name_u]Blair[/name_u]. I can see how some people would assume [name_u]Blair[/name_u] is a girl; however, the name still reads unisex to me.

Wow never would have thought to use [name_f]McKenna[/name_f] for a boy, but it sets my mind more at ease. I’m hoping the middle name [name_m]Wilder[/name_m] will give it a bit more of a boyish feel.

I would always assume girl, but a boy named [name_u]Blair[/name_u] wouldn’t really phase me.

That being said, I do vastly prefer it on a girl.

[name_u]Blair[/name_u] is one of those rare names that actually feels truly unisex to me. I know a male [name_u]Blair[/name_u] and a female [name_u]Blair[/name_u], and the name perfectly suits both of them.

I think [name_u]Blair[/name_u] [name_m]Wilder[/name_m] sounds dashing! Congrats!

Yes, I’ve met both girls and boys named [name_u]Blair[/name_u] and it works fine on both genders.

Very much unisex to me, I love the name.

I’ve come across one [name_u]Blair[/name_u] in my life - a boy. I prefer the name on boys because of that, but it’s a pretty unisex name for me.

Gossip Girl influences me to assume [name_u]Blair[/name_u] is a boy, but it is unisex. I’ve only ever met one girl name [name_u]Blaire[/name_u] in real life, that’s it.

Gossip Girl, Facts of Life (80’s re-runs) both girls, but has a long history as a boy’s name too. It’s more surname-sounding which makes it more gender neutral to me. I think it’s usable but people might assume girl first. Not that this should make it unusable. My step brother’s name is [name_u]Cassidy[/name_u] and didn’t get teased much over his name.

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I think [name_u]Blair[/name_u] can easily go either way. It is a surname and surname-names are most often considered boys’ names. Some seeing his name on paper may first assume girl, but I don’t think it’s a big issue. I’d say, if you love it use it!

With a quick SSA search…
[name_u]Blair[/name_u] for a boy was in the top 1000 for pretty much all of the 1900s. [name_u]Blair[/name_u] for a girl entered the top 1000 in the 80s and has been there consistently since. However, this means that while the name leans girl now, it is a historically male name.

The only [name_f]McKenna[/name_f] I’ve ever met was a boy, someone who went to my school though a year behind me. not sure why nameberry lists it as EXCLUSIVELY girl. Same as [name_u]Blair[/name_u] it is a surname and one meaning “son of”…

Thanks guys! I feel more at ease that I won’t have to worry about him being teased by people telling him he has a girls name. I’ve never met another [name_u]Blair[/name_u] so I couldn’t really judge based off of that, but to me personally I find it better suited for a boy.