Is Cesc a name?

My hubby would like to name our first born son Cesc and at first I was all about it since it is unique, Italian/Spanish sounding, and to-the-point. But thinking about it more, I am not sure if Cesc is a name all on it’s own, or if it needs something more. Cesc comes from [name]Francesco[/name], which I don’t like at all. And so I started to try to think of names that didn’t sound crazily made up and all I came to was Cescian and Cescilio, but I’m not totally convinced of these either. And when I suggested we give our son a longer name and use Cesc as a nn, hubby got a bit stubborn and insisted it was just Cesc.

What do you all think? Is Cesc a name strong enough on it’s own? If not, what longer names could we use? What is your opinion of the name in general?

It’s pronounced Chesk, right? Like desk with a ch or the middle syllable of [name]Francesco[/name]?
I definitely don’t think it’s strong enough on its own. I knew a [name]Cisco[/name] (really [name]Francisco[/name]) and to me that seems a bit more complete. I would go with [name]Francesco[/name], but if you really hate it maybe Cesco (it feels much more complete to me with the o). I see horrible pronunciation and spelling issues with it, and it sounds kind of tongue-twister-y to say. But I really like it as a nickname for [name]Francesco[/name]- it eliminates the spelling and pronunciation issues and makes it a much easier name to comprehend and live with in general.

It’s actually pronounced with a soft c, like Ses. It is like the middle syllable but in the way it is pronounced in Latin [name]America[/name]. I was kind of concerned about pronounciation issues…

There is a Spanish footballer called Francesc Fabregas who goes by Cesc. The pronounciation is basically as it looks, with a soft C at the start so it’s more like sesc.

What about Francizeck? It is Polish. I loved the name but hubby didn’t.

I have to agree with the previous posters who said it doesn’t seem complete. Maybe if it was short for Francesc it would work… I don’t know if this matters to you but if I say it fast it comes out cex. And in the same way I could imagine when he is young he might have trouble saying cesc.

Honestly, I think it needs more. It just doesn’t really sound like a name.

Thanks for everyone’s replies! I am beginning to see that there are more problems with the name than whether it is a full name or not…

The C at the end is not pronounced so it would just be pronounced Ses. Not Ses-k.

Hubby actually fell for the name because he’s a huge soccer fan, and Cesc Fabregas is “his man.” I know it seems silly but I liked the name at first because he seemed to love it so much!

I really have a dislike of the “[name]Frank[/name]” and “[name]Franc[/name]” part of all of the [name]Frances[/name], [name]Francesco[/name], etc., names, I couldn’t tell you why.

[name]How[/name] do you pronounce Francizeck? I feel like this might offer as many problems as the first…

Would it be better or worse if it was spelled Ces?

i’m not sure spelling is the problem—

to my (highly subjective) ear–

ses (however it’s spelled) sounds like either a mispronunciation of the spanish seis (6–“says”) or the start of cesspool and the unpleasant associations that has. i’d probably think it was “seis” given the rising popularity of number names.

i recognize that this may be very regional because we’re not as familiar with soccer players or this name (even as a nickname) here. i hadn’t heard t before reading it on this board.

i’d be very careful with it.

sorry i’m not more helpful.

deesa… more things I hadn’t thought of!! It’s definitely pronounced Ses like as in cesspool… HORRIBLE! Thanks for the thought!

I agree with everything that’s been said- I forsee many problems with pronunciation, and even with the correct PN, it’s too close to sex and cess as in cess pool :frowning:

What about [name]Seth[/name]? I’m [name]German[/name] so I might pronounce it wrong, but to me Cesc/Ses sounds almost similar to [name]Seth[/name] or at least close to it. It might be a nice alternative for you and your husband and also help with the pronounciation issue a bit.